Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Cynical lines.

Cynical lines. Standing next to the printing press, With notes-a-plenty piled to the roof, Their fingers all stained, a veritable mess, Disdainfull snorts, empty hollow denials of sorts, The bankers and generals, politicians their advisers, the courts... Whilst all the while, with little understanding or guile, We taxpayers and workers pay for this farce and smile, Quantative easing and wars for oil , No dissent or protest permitted. They`ve got battleships, bombs, submarines,snipers and tasers, Listening devices, surveillance cameras, protection teams and lasers, More than just an ongoing financial farce, The whole bloody thing`s a pain in the arse. WGC 2009.

Friday, October 12, 2012

9 11 revisited, yet again.

There are many theories and untold numbers of articles written about the event, if demolition charges were set, then the questions would be, "Who set them?" One name keeps coming up, mostly in chat rooms and on far-left forums... personally, I have no idea if the man did set up a controlled demolition, but the name Peer Segalovitz gets mentioned over and over...a former Israeli explosives expert, he was arrested near Orlando, and then released... A google search gives some varied points of view. Whispers are beginning of forthcoming countermoves by the US against the Israelis, not so much a visible act of revenge, but simply that the US will cease to fund Israeli military budgets, and will not help them should the Arabs restart wars. Who knows, but with so many pundits expressing disbelief at the official version, it might be foolish to believe the matter is fully resolved.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Pictures speak a thousand words...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Red Russian Army Choir & Leningrad Cowboys-

To understand other cultures, music and art, play a good part.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Returning soldiers.

They`re coming back, they`re coming back,
Leaving one million dead in Iraq.
They`re coming back to cry,
To live in subways, untill they die.

All the screams of Afghan children,
Behind them now, the tortured limbs,
Of women they never even kissed,
Before they killed them.

Never no more, willl they salute,
A bloodstained worthless rag,
The symbol of oppression and hate,
That has become the American flag.

June 2010. By Dave Colbourne.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spy vs Spy, spooks, crooks and free-fall collapse.

Another reminder, from America itself, that some people still won`t believe the official story of the twin tower attacks....another fairly well-known name, Firedoglake, and once again, thy name has been spoken, Israel.

It`s still just talk and opinion, however we look at it, the matter has not been investigated to any proper extent.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

@ beautiful sound.

A tribe has many faces.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The impossible Hamster (and economic growth)

Aye aye.....Been a few months since writing here, busy with work, and sorting out a few odds and sods.
I often wonder if the current state of macro-economics can continue, I`m getting towards retirement, and naturally find myself *downsizing*....
In the race to build everything bigger and better, faster and more efficient, ....is there going to be a winner?....Or will we just consume all of this planet in a futile show of competitive destruction.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tools of peace.

The clip from youtube features three brave and spirited ladies, who are taking an ambulance to the residents of Gaza, donated by the people of Swansea in South Wales, bless`em.
Making peace takes an effort, and now there`s a multi-national convoy heading towards Gaza, of ambulances and medical supplies.
No guns, no ammunition, no security guards, none of that silly nonsense, Gazans have seen enough of war and absolutely need medical assistance, and from the UK, a convoy of around 80 vehicles set off earlier this month.

All driven by volunteers, and loaded with gifts, now in Turkey, being hailed and cheered, the Turks have also donated further vehicles and ambulances.
Most welcome too, is the news that almost 50 more supporters with vehicles have joined in from the USA no less!... including even some decidedly kosher gentlemen who feel that Palestine needs to be *Free*. (Click for link to Turkey.)

That`s over 200 vehicles due to arrive in Gaza on the 27th of December.

No drones, no smart bombs, no missiles, no soldiers, no weapons at all.

Just men and women, with more guts than any warmongering fool.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hypocrites assemble.

In the city of Copenhagen, the illustrious and powerful are gathering to pronounce their opinions on "global warming"...or "climate change", and it appears that the ever-increasing consumption of fossil fuels is giving rise to a larger "carbon footprint".
The solution, according to some will be a "carbon-permit trading scheme."

A tax on consumption, the revenue that will be collected and administered by the same clever people who brought in "credit default swaps"(link...)
Good story here, from a young lady in New York.

Whilst telling us to be frugal and mindfull of our consumption, the stewards of our society are themselves living way beyond "our means". Some might call it a blatant plot to transfer yet more hard-earned capital from the pockets of the workers to the bank accounts of the elites and their sleazy servants.
Politicians do not create wealth, they only tax it!

In London, no less a news outlet than the Daily Telegraph picks up on the numbers involved that enabled this conference.

Caviar, limousines, private jets, luxury hotels, and prostitutes.....these hypocrites are not fooling anyone.

Nobody begrudges taxes, when they are used wisely, for roads, schools, hospitals, the disabled, our fire and police services etc, etc.
Indeed, "from each according to ability and to each according to need", a Marxism, but in the case of taxation, a sound ethic.
So why do these charlatans need to be "ensconced in luxury"?

Their carbon footprint comes from the shoe of conspicuous consumption!