Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Infections, and infestations.

Old wounds sometimes open up, during times of stress, just as a cancer can sit benign for years, then suddenly, for the remotest of reasons, erupt and kill the host.
The attack on the WTC buildings in New York was indeed such a wound, and now it is opening, and as a complication, there appears to be a cancerous growth within.

With severe cancers, sometimes it is necessary to operate, even to remove entire limbs and organs.
When it comes to a cancer of the brain, or the lungs, little can be done, the vital organs are notoriously fine-tuned, and do not always survive surgery. Recovery is long and post-op function is often limited, but preferable to no function at all.

What then, if the attack really was a false flag operation, carried out with the aforeheld knowledge, compliance and direction of those at the very heart of American government.

Is there now a split between the generals, are they not all singing from the same score?
Were there military figures involved in the attack on the towers?

If those allegations are correct, then it would at least explain why some of the Admirals and Generals no longer seem to be in the command of the white house. There is dissent over the issue of attacking Iran, which seems to be delayed for some reason.

The Times of London reports on "The revolt of the Americans.".

But why would the Admirals and Generals not follow orders? Well the first and most obvious answer is that they would get their arses roasted and toasted.
The Iranians saw them coming, with their fleet of 40 knot battleships and carriers. Instead of building their own carriers and ancilliaries, they took advice from their neighbours, the Russians, and built up an arsenal of anti-ship rockets, including the Russian designed "Sunburn/Sunburst,", which travels at Mach 2-2.5, or just under 2,000 mph.
The US carrier fleet, compared to the weapons of Iran, has not much chance, and the senior officers know that if they start shooting, that the the sharks of the Arabian sea will be feasting on crisp and well-fried american sailors, not only the lower ranks, but also the braided ones.

The Iranians have missile capacity to eradicate completely the "Green Zone",( Details) which explains why the generals are reluctant to engage with Iran.

In fact, whilst America has spent billions on carriers and aircraft, Iran has spent millions on missiles to destry such weapons, one step ahead, at a fraction of the cost.
Asymetrical warfare, rather like the Iraquis. When the Americans arrived with million dollar tanks, they were promptly destroyed by hundred dollar roadside bombs.
Not just the weapons, but the actual cost...

In fact, the Iranians have been investing in missiles for many years, and have a "Missile for every moment and enemy movement."

Returning to the theme of 9/11, the division within the United States military is now coming into the light of day, with even more former ministers and officers calling for a further investigation.
"I find the facts against the official story of the [WTC] buildings' collapse more compelling than the case that has been made in behalf of the official story. I would like to see the issue debated by independent scientists and engineers,"
---Paul Craig Roberts, who was a Reagan Treasury man.

Then there is an experienced investigator of airplane accidents, a former Air Force colonel, George Nelson, who openly writes The Bush administration has provided no public evidence to support its claim that the terror attacks were the work of Muslim extremists or even that the aircraft that struck their respective targets on September 11 were as advertised. As I will show below, it would be a simple matter to confirm that they were - if they were. Until such proof is forthcoming, the opposite claim must be kept in mind as a precaution against rushing to judgment: the 911 hijackings were part of a black operation carried out with the cooperation of elements in our government.

In this day and age of Cellphones and e-mails, I would hope that there is a growing cabal of military plotters who are preparing the regime change that is so desperately needed in the United States.
Who knows, all those new detention centres built by Bush and Cheney might yet be filled, but with neocons and their fellow conspirators.

Bush and Cheney, and their fellow lunatics want war, maybe they hope that with perpetual war, their own crimes will go unpunished.
Maybe that is what they think. But the tide seems to be ebbing, and the shipwreck that was 9/11 is beginning to show itself.

Meanwhile, they continue to wage war, with weapons that are obsolete and with warriors, who once they find out just who really did bring down the Twin Towers, will surely follow the example of their superior officers, and tell the White House to simply go f^^k themselves.


(Oh, yes, I finally got it, technically challenged I surely am, but it seems to be ......."The Links"..... so, to celebrate, I can now show just how the Russian soldiers cope with the downturn in the arms race. They have hobbies, one of which is choral singing, which can be infectious.