Sunday, May 17, 2009

A voice, a lady speaks.

Just a few moments of reading to see another view.. somewhat sardonic, and certainly very moving.

Perhaps those who see militarism as a worthwhile vocation should slowly consider the thoughts of a lady from Iraq... Layla...

Here`s a quote from her blog, and there`s a link at the foot of the page, although the full article turns around the phrase... "As good as it gets"..., and may not be to the taste of serving soldiers...

Please come and see our combat stress.

The paralyzed old man with drill holes in his legs.
The wobbly woman unable to walk after her "visit" to Abu Ghraib.
The kids who stutter at age 14 and still piss in their pants because they saw the unspeakable.
Whole families living in one damp bedroom, with no mattresses and no blankets.
Women prostituting themselves and slashing their thighs with razor blades after their clients have gone.
Children who can't read and write because they can't afford school.
Displaced families still living in tents and rummaging in garbage to find something to eat.

(ClicK)Thousands maimed with bullets, bombs, burns because of you. Hundred of emptied homes in ruins or occupied by militias because of you.
Long queues of lost faces, holding documents, begging for a place because of you. Thousands of children, with no father and mother, living in the streets, sniffing glue, trafficked, sold, bought, beaten up, because of you.
Thousands crammed in jails, tortured, diseased because of you.
Widowed women living on pavements in Amman, Damascus, Cairo, because of you.
Young women gang raped and blinded with acid because of you...God damn it and God damn you, the list is long...

More faces. Same old face.

There`s an old saying, about those who have more faces than the town clock, and that`s got at least three.
Of course, one might say that who the american people choose as president is their own affair.
However, given that Europe is now the destination and home of thousands upon thousands of refugees from Iraq and Afghanistan, fleeing from the US/NATO instigated conflicts and wars, then perhaps we in Europe have a right to speak...

How to end the war?...
Stop shooting, that would be a good start..
Stop the bombing raids...

Too easy, and of course, if the troops stop firing weapons and dropping bombs, then the munition factories would cease production, which would would save the taxpayer money, and stop the flood of refugees.

The only loosers would be the owners of the munitions factories, the workers and the troops.... think about that, eh, unemployed bomb makers, unemployed soldiers and generals... so fucking what. Fuck `em. Get an honest proper job.

Of course, that`s why the war cannot stop, there`s still enough wannabe warriors and bomb makers willing to trade the blood of innocent children for the price of their food, a home and a pick-up truck.

Getting back to the point, the new president has had a remarkable show of spite of shouting change, change, change..., since flouncing into the White House... Guantanamo is still open, the tribunals continue, as do the wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan... where in just 100 days, over 100 civilians, mostly women and children have been killed by the bombs from Uncle Sam.

The killing of a child is the killing of a child, irrespective of race or nationality... that Mister bloodsucking president.

I have to wonder about the "folk" working in the bomb factories, do they ever consider what it would be like to awake and find their own families blasted to bits, bones and blood spread around their rooms, faeces and flesh dripping from the walls of their houses.
Would I, or anyone else, feel anger if the Afghans managed to return those attacks, bombing the American or British mainland... collateral damage the apologists call it...or would we feel shame on having brought such things upon ourselves...(quiet pause..?)

Why do the voters fall for these two-faced, twisted, murderous politicians, who smirk behind the appealing shape of their canine servants...

In Iraq, in his first 100 days hundreds of civilians have died, as well as dozens of his troops.... dead and disabled...when will they ever learn.

With a few years to go, Obama might catch up with GW in the killing game, the Iraqui resistance is still in force, and averaging 3/4 kills per week, the Afghan/Taliban resistance is growing stronger, and promise to concentrate on helicopters ... expensive targets.... Never mind, it`s good business for the manufacturers, and that`s what makes America what it is....

From the taxpayer, over a trillion dollars for arms and ammunition, plus an extra 100 billion emergency funds for this years` battles.

Over a million job losses since taking office.

The show goes on, new boss, same as the old boss. Strangely now, no mention of change, and certainly no sight of sanity in the White House .

Some Americans, thankfully have realised that new boss is not so far removed from the old man in space, one million at war, two million homeless, and three million in jail.

The mantra continues, as it did with the last puppet emperor of the planet earth.
What is it with evil arseholes and posing with puppy dogs...

More troops to the Eastern front.... Print more banknotes...intensify the border patrols...more missiles to the Russian border.....more troops...more `planes... more weapons...more prisons...more, more, more...

Ah yes, Me and you, and a fucking dog named Boo, or was it named Barney, or Blondi...?

All three dogs, as we know, are/were fed by Wall st.