Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cereal offenses...

Not one for breakfast cereals, apart from the odd bowl of winter porridge, by and large, the morning munch is usually "continental", i.e., bread/cheese/fish, even eggs and fruit, but no toasted, sugar-soaked shite from cardboard boxes, with "added nutrition and extra taste!"

A tonne of corn at the farm gate fetches roughly $150/£100, good quality wheat is more expensive starting at about £200 per tonne.... which if my maths are true... means that the cost of corn works out to 15c/10p per kilo .

A kilo of "reconstituted" (pre-chewed & sanitised!) corn, sold in shops as breakfast food, fetches anything from a pound, up to three pounds ($5).....

So, between the garden and the table, there surely sits one well-fed and wealthy sector of the food chain.

By the way, the picture comes courtesy of another blog, ....Fengtastic...., worth a visit, images... and subtle ones at that.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The tortured soul.

Just added a new link, right at the top...Blacklisted news....., an american site that seems to fit with the times.

Interesting article (Click)from a guy named Tom Burghardt (February),
which pre-empts the Obama announcement concerning torture.... and also sheds light on the connections between boeing and the CIA...

Boeing... serving the agents of rendition and torture... but Obama had best watch out...putting himself into the frame by ruling out further investigation, or indeed any criminal charges of the participants, sends out a message to the entire world.....that of "my country right or wrong".

Ah well, change was short, but not sweet.

Editing (22nd April)...a few days later, and Obama now says he may indeed, one day, perhaps, consider prosecutions..."Wriggling", is that what our american friends call it.
Of course, there`s also the matter of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...which if torture is illegal, then war should be a capital crime!