Thursday, April 02, 2009

Common thoughts-and common sense.

Censorship is said to be the eradication of any images or thoughts of which the censor disapproves... so is one that is "approved".

From James Petras...
Recovery from the deepening depression does not reside in running a multi-trillion dollar printing operation, which only creates conditions for hyperinflation and the debasement of the dollar. The root cause is the over-accumulation of capital resulting from over-exploitation of labor, leading to rising rates of profit and the collapse of demand. The vast disparity between capital expansion and decline of worker consumption set the stage for the financial bubble. Cl--ck for more.


an average patriot said...

I have been to no avail trying to tell people that for years. Capitalism will be taken care of like the Government and the military. They can start over again but the average are on there own and many will purposely go by the road side,

landsker said...

Jim, ...The scenario you describe, of the U.S. falling into chaos and martial law might bring the intervention of third parties, such as China and Russia, et al, to "protect the people"??
It would not come as a suprise... both those countries must contemplate the occurence of such events??
I`m not so confident that the US military can survive, it`s become the most costly force in the history of war.
But who would dare call for reductions in military spending..

an average patriot said...

Believe it or not Obama is cutting defense spending but he is looking to cut unnecessarily frivolous expensive projects and there were many under Bush!

landsker said...

Not sure about that, maybe he is cutting back some programs, but in financial terms, according to the BBC, the new killer-in-chief is asking for another $83 billions for war efforts in the coming 12 months. The US war budget is bigger than its health and social security spending.

Unwise perhaps, especially when the militants in Pakistan are routinely and successfully attacking supply lines.