Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cereal offenses...

Not one for breakfast cereals, apart from the odd bowl of winter porridge, by and large, the morning munch is usually "continental", i.e., bread/cheese/fish, even eggs and fruit, but no toasted, sugar-soaked shite from cardboard boxes, with "added nutrition and extra taste!"

A tonne of corn at the farm gate fetches roughly $150/£100, good quality wheat is more expensive starting at about £200 per tonne.... which if my maths are true... means that the cost of corn works out to 15c/10p per kilo .

A kilo of "reconstituted" (pre-chewed & sanitised!) corn, sold in shops as breakfast food, fetches anything from a pound, up to three pounds ($5).....

So, between the garden and the table, there surely sits one well-fed and wealthy sector of the food chain.

By the way, the picture comes courtesy of another blog, ....Fengtastic...., worth a visit, images... and subtle ones at that.


betmo said...

i am moving towards eating only stuff i grow. or food from folks i know- who grow it. the prepackaged stuff here- loaded with crap i can't pronounce---- and corn syrup. no thanks.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

greetings from scandinavia!
i just read yiour comment on aveage patriot on interrogations and torture and came to check out your interesting blog.

yes, the point you make about the cereal is very true!!!

and re torture, I checked out the links you gave and of course they aren't very pleasant at all to say the least...

here are two links you might be interested in:


see you around!
Sarah sofia

an average patriot said...

I have not touched cereal since I was a kid! Farmers do not make the money. They continue to get screwed. Cereal cost an arm and a leg though thanks to the manufacturers. Eggs and coffee for me!

landsker said...

Hallo Betmo,
Seems like we`re all realising that corporate fare is just not "The real thing."
The manufacture and use of fructose, or corn syrup is a questionable, if not malign practice....., HFCS...right up there with Asbestos, DDT, Tobacco... Hi Sarah,
Greetings indeed, always nice to hear from Scandinavia... West Wales was frequently the destination of passing Norsemen, back in the days of longboats and Viking!!!(Tall,fiery-haired Welsh people are not infrequent.)

I read your posts on the military and torture, and will get back to commenting...

Hi Jim,
How goes?
I`m sure a farmer once told me that corn was for cattle and pigs, and wheat was for humans...

Feng said...

"... worth a visit, images... and subtle ones at that."

Kind words indeed.

Thanks so much,


an average patriot said...

Hi Bud!
All is well just a but busy trying to keep up with the house. Funny but I can agree with what that farmer said.

Paul said...

Mmmmmmmmmm, Trix and a cigarette.
Now that's a breakfast!