Friday, August 28, 2009

Not wholly good nor bad.

Rev Eli Jenkins' Prayer - Dylan Thomas (from Under Milk Wood)

Every morning when I wake,
Dear Lord, a little prayer I make,
O please do keep Thy lovely eye
On all poor creatures born to die

And every evening at sun-down
I ask a blessing on the town,
For whether we last the night or no
I'm sure is always touch-and-go.

We are not wholly bad or good
Who live our lives under Milk Wood,
And Thou, I know, wilt be the first
To see our best side, not our worst.

O let us see another day!
Bless us all this night, I pray,
And to the sun we all will bow
And say, good-bye - but just for now!*

Thoughts of grace for Ted Kennedy, here`s a little one from Wales, with a view of the Gower Peninsula.

Here`s a link to a petition, calling for the U.S to honour the late senator witha health care bill that he had been working upon, prior to his death.

I guess he was one of those guys who just kept going...Bless him.... and please sign for him. Thanks

Actually, (Sunday morning), after reading through the contents of the bill, maybe not.....the proposed structure really seems open to all kinds of interpretation and exploitation.
One can imagine too, that if it ever got passed, it would probably include provisions for the elites to continue abusing the underclasses.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Spanish civil war.

"No great idea in its beginning can ever be within the law. How can it be within the law? The law is stationary. The law is fixed. The law is a chariot wheel which binds us all regardless of conditions or place or time."

Emma Goldman.

There was a group of American civilian-soldiers, who, in the 1930`s when the rumblings of civil war exploded across Spain, set off to fight fascism.....They called themselves the

Abraham Lincoln Brigade.

Most perished, but their name lives on, in song and in the memories of all Spanish people, war is always a somewhat senseless activity, but I guess sometimes one has to fight.

The governments of America and Europe stood idly by as Franco, Mussolini and Hitler spread their vile politics across the continent, only Russia sent assistance, but tens of thousands of leftists and trade unionists travelled to Spain to fight against the military force of the Dictator Franco.
Franco and his forces won that war, and Spain was to endure over 30 years of restrictive fascism.

Their most celebrated encounter was the battle of Jarama, about which Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger sing......

At the going down of the sun.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Health of nations.

Meetings are taking place in the US, concerning the issue of privatised vs public health services...

Here`s a report from "Enigma", an activist, mother and nurse who is speaking out on behalf of those who have no medical insurance.

There are news reports coming from the US, with interviews from the right-wing opponents of the "National Health Service", and there are wild, unsubstantiated accusations of failings within the British system.
To which of course, one must point out that, "warts and all", at least we have a system that serves every single one of us according to our needs, and that the "burden" is one that we have pride in carrying.

We may not have so many missiles, but at least we got socialised medicine:). Actually, Wales hasn`t even got an air force, or a navy (apart from one or two small fisheries protection craft), we`ve a few hundred soldiers, presently under the "command" of the UK government, who in their quest to rule the planet, in the sixteenth century, after many fiery confrontations, finally took control of Wales through the "acts of union".

No debate concerning the National Health Service should omit the story of its` founding, the details of which encompass the coal mines of Britain, the writings of Marx, and the tale of a boy of 13, driven to work underground in the coal pit through poverty and a lack of schooling..

Aneurin Bevan was born in November 1897, of a typical Welsh family of the time, his father was a coal miner with 10 children to feed and educate, and Aneurin, (or "Nye", as he was called"), soon found himself underground, dust covered and hand- hewing coal for a wage that barely covered the cost of food and rent.

As the other miners talked with him, they realised he was "special", and between them, they sent him to be educated in the hope that he would lead them from their misery and squalor.

In a short time he became first a trade unionist and then a politician.

In 1925, his father lay dying of pneumoconiosis, the "miners` curse", Nye was there, holding him, sharing the last breaths and thoughts, and it is said that it was then he vowed that of all things he would do in his life,
the establishment of taxpayer-funded healthcare for every man, woman and child, would be his primary goal.

Not only a friend of the American Singer and activist Paul Robeson...

There`s more to the man from the hill...

In no small way, do I, and millions of others, owe life to this man, and I certainly couldn`t imagine Wales without our health service, "Free to all, in time of need, and at the point of delivery."

Bad luck or carelessness, but in my younger days, having had some surgery & stitching here and there, I`d be a fool not to believe in the policy of taxpayer-funded medicine.
As it happens, I`ve been fortunate for many years not to need a doctor, but don`t begrudge my taxes paying for the day when that need arises, or indeed, how could anyone fault a system that helps us all, the new-born, the sick, and the elderly without any distinctions of class or wealth.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Something interesting in the State of Denmark.

National media tends to be conservative and cautious, lawsuits and court appearances being somewhat damaging to their reputations and balance sheets.

So, after no doubt, some consideration as to the legal and political ramifications of transmitting a refutation to the official version of 9/11, TV2 in Denmark went ahead and aired the above interview with Professor Niels Harrit, whose findings are giving a clearer picture of how the three towers collapsed into their own footprint.

It seems too that at last, the FBI whistleblower, Sibil Edmonds, is having her voice heard....
Here`s a link or two, firstly during the first "official inquiry". Interview with American radio station.

Secondly to Counterpunch, the online news source....January 2008....

Of course, none of these "facts" give the full picture of what is going on within the military industrial complex, the cost of which is beginning to exceed that of education, law and order, pensions, health, transport.....

It`s an old game, isn`t it? The militaries tell the politicians and the population that there are threats from a dangerous enemy, but fortunately, they have the troops and weapons to save the nation...and each year it costs just a few trillion dollars more.