Tuesday, March 31, 2009

G20, Circus in town.

The circus has arrived in London, a one-off show, that will not be touring the provinces. Sadly, yours truly has not got the inclination nor the time to visit the show.

Then again, with the internet, one can know within moments just what amazing feats and spectacles these gargantuan performers have brought to the big top.

The Russians, who now supply much of the world with gas, oil and inexpensive yet highly efficient armaments, (Kalashnikov is not a town in Texas!),
are calling for and end to the use of the dollar as reserve currency for the world....

The Chinese even suggest that we all use the Yuan.
Obama insists that it won`t be necessary....Well, every circus has it`s clowns...

Barak, let me tell you something, there are over 1 billion chinese, mostly educated and law-abiding, but above all, industrious... contrasted with 300 million americans,,, then there`s the Russians, again well educated, industrious and fiercely nationalistic, then there`s Europe and Latin America...
Need I say more, apart from 6 million Israelis, you have virtually no allies left, so maybe time to get a new act... how about you try farming instead of warmongering, or making nice little cars instead of tanks and jeeps, or how about schools and hospitals instead of prisons and military bases.
You could even take the homeless from your streets, and take the sick into care, dismantle your weapons of mass distruction....., or the people of America will do it for you.
Wake up, and get into step with the world.

The Barak and Brown approach to the global monetary programme, is to print money, borrow it, and charge it to the taxpayer...whilst most of the other nations are electing to undergo a period of economic contraction, and then on to a less indebted future.

The French, (under strong prompts from Berlin!) are threatening to walk away unless the world agrees to tighten the rules on hedge funds and tax havens.

Now, underneath the make-up and the silly costumes lies a cunning mind, but then again, is Barak perhaps fooling himself?

Does he really think that no-one else knows he and his banking elites are out of cash? Or that his armies have little prospect of victory against what is now, an increasingly sophisticated guerilla force.

Surrounded by 300 "secret service agents", and a trillion dollar army, he might feel and look important, but should the Chinese cut off his credit, or should the "terrorists" disrupt the supply of oil, then his overly expensive act may not be required in the not-too-distant future..

Without doubt, the Russians, Chinese, and most of Europe reject the policies, and thus the actions of the US.
Which only leaves England and Gordon Brown, who one suspects has no choice, given the entanglement of US and UK financial conglomerates.

There might be a few blips, but I`d say the US dollar is failing and falling from grace as a medium of exchange, and who knows, maybe next time Obama comes to town he won`t need all those expensive bodyguards, the armoured limousine, the staff, the helicopters, the personal jets, the nuclear football...
Of course, he`ll still need the suit, the make-up, a script.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hunting buck.

In the news at the moment is AIG, the US insurance "giant". They`ve been busy everywhere, spreading their capital everywhere, including the greasy, sticky hands of Obamsteen. One of their core business involvements is within the Israeli mortgage market, through a subsidary called......

Ezer Mortgage Insurance.

(Thanks to the author at Blogocrity for that one, and reading the comments makes for some interesting moments.)

Of course, in Israel, being a "special nation", of "special people", they have slightly different values.
One being the price of property, which by any measure seems to be highly over-valued, ten times more expensive than Egypt or Palestine, and the other little benefit, as can be seen from the link, is a special clause that allows the Israelis to take periods of "grace" on their repayments.

Imagine that some of those mortgages may be of dubious certification or provenance,....far be it for me to cast aspersions or slurs upon the Jewish people, but lately, the rise of names such as Madoff, Geithner, Bernanke, are not exactly inspiring confidence in the business practices of the chosen race.

Enough, genug jetzt, don`t just take my word, check out a voice of reality and sanity, and let`s not take life too seriously.

"Flabbergasted?" (Alternative, possibly slightly unkosher comedy:)

Th outside of the ink box.

Nothing to say on this one.... butt!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Cynical lines.

Standing next to the printing press,
With notes-a-plenty piled to the roof,
Their fingers all stained, a veritable mess,
Disdainfull snorts, empty hollow denials of sorts,
The bankers, politicians their advisers, the courts...

Whilst all the while, with little understanding or guile,
We taxpayers and workers pay for this farce and smile,
Quantative easing and wars for oil ,
No dissent or protest allowed.

They`ve got battleships, bombs, submarines,snipers and tasers,
Listening devices, surveillance cameras, protection teams and lasers,
More than just an ongoing financial farce,
The whole bloody thing`s a pain in t`arse.