Friday, February 27, 2009

From within.

Is there a soul? Are there those who can prove the existence of individual souls, do nations have souls?
What about animals?
Questions of anatomy, philosophy and religious dogma, to which the written answers would filll many libraries.
Where do souls come from and go to, what is "Soul music"....?
For the soul, if such a thing exists, then the tune "Chain gang" is one of the best.

La Mer. Charles Trénet

Music from a gentle source. Pictures of a gentle sea.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lest we forget.

Most people have seen this picture..., the followers of zionism push and squirm like a beligerent mendicant , into the land of Palestine, squeeezing out the Palestinians and swelling, growing in size and expanding until...
Until when? Until what?

Every event and process has its` end, no-one in the world could want this militarised expansion to continue, it is no more than an armed invasion, with an unrelenting principle of eradicating all and any resistance.
Not unlike the Anglo-american invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, whose aims and atrocities are no longer quite so obscure.
Control of the planets` oil reserves and minerals, control of the labour and manufacturing, control of the currencies, maintaining the position of the elites, with their castles and concubines, their servants and offshore accounts, and for the majority, thereby ensuring the continuance of poverty and strife.
I`d say that based upon the current state of finances in the West, that we are out of cash..., and with not much "oil and ore", that borrowing against future earnings is futile, the main products that we manufacture are now...debt and war.

These days, the other side, the Russo/Sino/Asian/Moslem/Latino/Left/ are not buying so much of it.

One European study group postulates that within a few weeks, given the current direction of state borrowings, the dollar will begin to slide, then crash before the end of this year.

Have the Chinese and Russians conspired to defeat us? Or like so many empires before us, have we wasted our children and treasure on the mindless pursuit of absolute power?
Then there are the trappings of imagined wealth, much of it achieved by using debt and armed force.
We built homes for ourselves, we dressed in fine clothes, ate food from across the world ....( and sent armies to oversee the acquisition of "oil wells and gold mines").

The greater game continues, if the US, (or even the UK) descends into social unrest, who will assume/maintain control of the military...with all its` costly personel and systems?
Indeed, with mounting numbers of homeless and unemployed, the whole world should question not only the cost, but the "purpose" of so much military spending.

A circumstance that might encompass Britain along the trail to depression and unrest. Without doubt, Israel will loose some of its` financial and military support... will it be sufficient to reign in and defeat their miltaries???... Will this year see the last gruesome moves of a beligerent beast?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Nothing new, nothing to see.

Seems like the war machine is the biggest, single, most important, vital issue in the budget of the american empire, and if truth be told, the Brits are overly militarised as well, in their vain pursuit of glories gone.
Around a trillion dollars per annum, which is going to be hard to maintain, given the rising unemployment.

Looking at the balance sheets of the American banks, one certainly wonders what those exotic fiscal expressions might come to mean.

Toxic debt.
Default swaps.
Short naked selling.

I have no idea how those little games will affect the ordinary person, but if they were on offer at a party, or any social gathering, I`d check my clothes and my wallet, and then run.

Credit Exposure to Capital ratio. Amounts in $Millions

If, as most financial commentators suggest, the finances of America are about to fail, as are those of Britain, and much of Europe, then it would surely follow that with proportionately lesser revenue stream from the wealth-generating middle-classes, the militaries must also cut back on their spending.

Or has the militarised world got a one last final big surge advance plan operation to finally overcome the evil terrorist liberal hippy drug takin` free lovin` left thinking socialised educated non-violent folk.

Obama has a plan called "Strangelove", or at least the military has one for him to save the world, first you just have to destroy it a little.

Of course, then there`s the drugs, in particular, the heroin.
Strange how much is made of how the Taliban control the trade in Afghanistan.

Strange how little progress is made in finding those who traffic between the Himilayan hillsides and the streets of America and Britain.

One hard-working lady did investigate and record the facts. (Click/Respect to the Blog "Against all enemies.")

Once again, the military are there, not destroying the drugs and arresting the traders, but assisting and protecting the trade itself, in exchange for "items of a sensitive nature.".... Like cash, weapons and self-preservation.

The plot thickens, and as we head towards international bankruptcy and social unrest, one must ask if the capitalist system itself is going to survive, or will a new world order emerge from the present battle.
Will Israel be "obliterated"?
Will Europeans continue with strikes and protest?
Will the US descend into financial chaos and social disorder?

One thing is certain, the days of conspicuous consumption and warmongering are coming to a close, either we shut down the bomb makers, or they are going to take us with them, in one great extinctive flash.