Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Nothing new, nothing to see.

Seems like the war machine is the biggest, single, most important, vital issue in the budget of the american empire, and if truth be told, the Brits are overly militarised as well, in their vain pursuit of glories gone.
Around a trillion dollars per annum, which is going to be hard to maintain, given the rising unemployment.

Looking at the balance sheets of the American banks, one certainly wonders what those exotic fiscal expressions might come to mean.

Toxic debt.
Default swaps.
Short naked selling.

I have no idea how those little games will affect the ordinary person, but if they were on offer at a party, or any social gathering, I`d check my clothes and my wallet, and then run.

Credit Exposure to Capital ratio. Amounts in $Millions

If, as most financial commentators suggest, the finances of America are about to fail, as are those of Britain, and much of Europe, then it would surely follow that with proportionately lesser revenue stream from the wealth-generating middle-classes, the militaries must also cut back on their spending.

Or has the militarised world got a one last final big surge advance plan operation to finally overcome the evil terrorist liberal hippy drug takin` free lovin` left thinking socialised educated non-violent folk.

Obama has a plan called "Strangelove", or at least the military has one for him to save the world, first you just have to destroy it a little.

Of course, then there`s the drugs, in particular, the heroin.
Strange how much is made of how the Taliban control the trade in Afghanistan.

Strange how little progress is made in finding those who traffic between the Himilayan hillsides and the streets of America and Britain.

One hard-working lady did investigate and record the facts. (Click/Respect to the Blog "Against all enemies.")

Once again, the military are there, not destroying the drugs and arresting the traders, but assisting and protecting the trade itself, in exchange for "items of a sensitive nature.".... Like cash, weapons and self-preservation.

The plot thickens, and as we head towards international bankruptcy and social unrest, one must ask if the capitalist system itself is going to survive, or will a new world order emerge from the present battle.
Will Israel be "obliterated"?
Will Europeans continue with strikes and protest?
Will the US descend into financial chaos and social disorder?

One thing is certain, the days of conspicuous consumption and warmongering are coming to a close, either we shut down the bomb makers, or they are going to take us with them, in one great extinctive flash.


betmo said...

i really don't look for any of that to happen. the powers that be will maintain their power until the end of the planet- or we extinct ourselves. which seems an inevitability at this point. i just sit and shake my head at the stories and the stupidity and the waste- and yet nothing changes. change was supposed to come to washington and since obama was not my first choice and i backed him reluctantly- i look at what is and isn't happening and think that a whole lotta folks are going to be mighty disappointed. the white house may have changed but congress didn't. and that's the fly in the ointment.

landsker said...

Hi Betmo,
Obama has proposed areduction in missiles and delivery the Russians, he knows that he must curtail the military budgets and reduce their production and staffing.
Also the US/NATO army is almost cut off in Afghanistan, with very little public support

Which would mean job losses in the sector of "defense and security".
It might push the lobbyists, senior militarists and politicians towards confrontation, but the war chests are empty, and the public is angry!
Next week, the Israelis have their elections, if they choose more war, maybe Obama will cut them loose, ("the foreign body"), who knows..., but my guess is that the relentless expansion of the Anglo-American-Israeli empire has already been curtailed.

Paul said...

I agree with Betmo, can't see the military shutting down until the end of time. We'll all go broke feeding that beast.
US military analysts have identified Pakistan (no surprise) and Mexico as the most unstable and dangerous countries in the world, which will keep our soldiers busy until the last dime is spent. They're also planning for a military response to "crowd unrest" here.
The thing is, with all the violence associated with the drug war,all they have to do, with a stroke of the pen, is legalize it. Game, set, match, war over.

landsker said...

Hi Paul,
It does seem that the pentagon is planning to march onwards no matter what..., but as the unemployment escalates, and the military gets more and more expensive, the moment might come when the American public stands firm, and resists.
Particularly if the government uses the military to contain/deflect protest, at that point, the powder and the flame will meet.
As for legalising the drugs, that would be a civilised step...and along with global disarmament, might just bring some peace to this troubled planet.