Friday, February 27, 2009

From within.

Is there a soul? Are there those who can prove the existence of individual souls, do nations have souls?
What about animals?
Questions of anatomy, philosophy and religious dogma, to which the written answers would filll many libraries.
Where do souls come from and go to, what is "Soul music"....?
For the soul, if such a thing exists, then the tune "Chain gang" is one of the best.


betmo said...

interesting you should bring this up. have been having chats with mom on and off about the same thing. my own thought is- we don't have a 'soul' per se. but our matter has to go somewhere when we die. i think perhaps the ancient religions- pagans, buddhists, etc.- were close when they talked about reincarnation. the matter of billions of folks who have died have to go somewhere- it isn't a far fetched idea to believe that people and the planet get recycled somehow.

good song. :)

an average patriot said...

You know if you have a soul or not. You know if earth is just another step. You know if it is the end. I won't get too deep but everything in this world can have a soul but it is not all inclusive!

landsker said...

Hi Betmo,
Yup, great version of an old classic, Afro-latino sounds!!
It`s nice that your mother and you can chat about such matters, all the major religions seem to hold opinions as to the existence of the soul, then along comes science to refute them....
I`m no neurologist, but I understand that the human mind and nervous system does create an electro-magnetic signature.....
Could be that one day, science is able to illustrate and measure each signature.
Could that complex electro-chemical "schemata" be a part of the elusive soul??
Hello Jim,
I`m sure the topic could be extended into a lifetime of discussion and rhetoric, and not wanting to get too subjective, I`d wonder, even if a person were unaware of having a "soul", would they still have one?
Personally, I`m not religious, but I`m not beyond admitting that there are things, "about which I have yet to fathom."

an average patriot said...

No way! That is why most just die and perpetuate the host organism the planet.

Paul said...

Geez, the "soul" is an interesting concept. Most people consider it in religious terms and because of the religious indoctrination most people receive, that's not a surprise. I believe we all have an "essential self" that drives our beliefs and actions and maybe that is the origin of the belief in a soul. Where it started? Who's to say but religion probably came later and took advantage of it. I'm relatively certain this is all true because I know that each individual human being is unique and because atheists are just as charitable, moral and loving as any "believer". And this is something that sticks in my craw.....why are atheists called "non-believers"? Isn't it the religious folks who don't believe in what they can see, hear, feel and study for themselves?

On to soul music, because that is one of my favorite sounds. Going back to when I was a kid in New Jersey, soul music was everywhere and I loved it. I used to watch Live at the Apollo Theater every Saturday, James Brown the King of Soul and all the other greats, The Temptations, Little Anthony, the 4 Tops, Marvin Gaye.....
If you want to see a truly unique soul act, go to you tube and check out Screaming Jay Hawkins.."I put a spell on you" , it will knock you out!
So anyway, soul music has it's roots in gospel, blues and rock. It really started on the city streets with groups of people just singing with no instruments. Music from the heart because most of the songs were about love. It gets down into the essential self where all people can relate, because love is the essential truth and anyone can have it, it doesn't take money or powerful friends.

Hah! my essential hippyness is showing! :)