Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hunger drives us all.

Gypsies are sometimes seen as less than equal, undesirable.
The gypsies or Roma are said to have been a himalayan tribe, given to wandering, horse-trading, music and dance, and much other myth.

When a gypsy gets hungry, it is said he can always find food faster than most, somehow....the video runs for just 20 seconds, but it left me smiling for a considerably longer time.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A poem, to soothe and search the self.

Here is a poem, that has long been a favourite.

Ever reviled, accursed, ne’er understood,
Thou art the grisly terror of our age.
“Wreck of all order,” cry the multitude,
“Art thou, and war and murder’s endless rage.”

O, let them cry. To them that ne’er have striven
The truth that lies behind a word to find,
To them the word’s right meaning was not given.
They shall continue blind among the blind.

But thou, O word, so clear, so strong, so pure,
Thou sayest all which I for goal have taken.
I give thee to the future! Thine secure
When each at least unto himself shall waken.

Comes it in sunshine? In the tempest’s thrill?
I cannot tell — but it the earth shall see!
I am an Anarchist! Wherefore I will
Not rule, and also ruled I will not be!


Mackay, the author is someone about whom I must confess to knowing little.

He was born in Scotland in 1864, and died in Germany on May 16 1933, it is said he moved to Berlin, because of the then permissive attitude towards homosexuality and as a pederast he felt safer there than in Scotland.
He died just as Hitler was beginning to single out minorities for persecution, no doubt this poem would not have been to the taste of the Reich.

It is, I submit, a poem that should be remembered and read in moments of self-doubt.

Post operative trans sexualism.

Subjects are sometimes seen as taboo.
Some topics are off limits.
Some phrases are not used, some truths, whilst obvious, are never spoken.
Post-op trans sexualism, is not usually a topic for working class poets.
Here are Goldie Looking Chain, a group of lads from Wales.
Not perhaps a glitzy and glamourous group, at least they are raising an issue that is little aired in public.

A fellow gets seduced by his friends mother, who to his suprise...

This is what happens in a nation that has no airforce, no navy, no soldiers to call their own....perhaps irreverent, but not irrelevant.

Thank heavens for small mercies.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

A queen and a dick.

The Queen of England meets dick. Dick has met many queens, but this one has got him twitching and squirming. Undoubtedly it appears that she has recognised dick for what he is.

One can imagine that if there are "other truths" about 9/11, or the war in Iraq, then this is one woman who knows the full facts.

Then again, maybe as well as being ugly, dick just has bad breath.