Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Message From The Iraq Resistance

This video brought tears to my eyes. Watch it. Please watch it. Get hold of all your logic, all your emotional strength, and refute the lying b*st*rd scumbags that currently inhabit the pentagon and the white house. F**k the twots, f**k these robbing lying psychopaths.

Some of the people some of the time.

A while back, I was "tagged", by another blogger, usa#1, who asked me to name, for separate purposes, 5 books.
A book that I propose to be essential reading to anyone concerned about the corporate psychopaths that have led this world to the brink of chaos would be one written by an American, Jack Herer, and entitled "The Emperor has no clothes".

The book lays out in detail the story of the hemp plant. How it used to be, until the 1930`s, practically the most important crop on the planet.
It gave us paper, food, oil, textiles, medicines, and so much more. He tells the story of how the oil cartels realised that crude oil could replae the hemp plant, and set out to fabricate a set of lies to destroy the hemp farmers.

How cannabis was one the major component much of the worlds` medicines, only to be replaced by synthetic versions made from crude oil.
George Washington farmed hemp, and asked every american to plant seeds of this important plant.

A quote, ""If all fossil fuels and their derivatives, as well as trees for paper and construction were banned in order to save the planet, reverse the Greenhouse Effect and stop deforestation; Then there is only one known annually renewable natural resource that is capable of providing the overall majority of the world's paper and textiles; meet all of the world's transportation, industrial and home energy needs, while simultaneously reducing pollution, rebuilding the soil, and cleaning the atmosphere all at the same time...And that substance is - the same one that did it all before - Cannabis Hemp...Marijuana!!""

And, "In 1850, 80% of all paper, fiber, fuel, and oil was made out of CANNABIS/HEMP in America and the rest of the world. This was before the discovery of coal and petroleum for energy in the late 1850s...before the start of the worst permanent pollution ever experienced on Earth... fossil fuel pollution (coal and petroleum)!!"

Of all the 300,000 species of plants on Earth, no other plant source can compare with the nutritional value of CANNABIS/HEMP/MARIJUANA seeds. It is the only plant on Earth that provides us with the NUMBER ONE source, and the perfect balance of essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, globulin edestin protein, and essential oils."

One of the leading opponents of the cultivation of hemp has been the american oil industry, as well as the pharmeceutical industry, and the cotton famers.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Country Joe McDonald - I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die

What are you fighting for?

What the world needs now. Weed sweet weed

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, NORML, High Times and Omni magazines (September 1982) all indicate that if marijuana were legal it would immediately replace 10-20% of all pharmaceutical prescription medicines (based on research through 1976). And probably, Mechoulam estimates, 40-50% of all medicines, including patent medicines, could contain some extract from the cannabis plant when fully researched.