Saturday, October 21, 2006

A Message From The Iraq Resistance

This video brought tears to my eyes. Watch it. Please watch it. Get hold of all your logic, all your emotional strength, and refute the lying b*st*rd scumbags that currently inhabit the pentagon and the white house. F**k the twots, f**k these robbing lying psychopaths.


bad bad kitty said...

all i can say is thank you, landsker, thank you.

i'm grateful that you're out here blogging this information.

betmo said...

take a look at this too- my country will eventually be in a civil war too- because i know i am beginning to feel the stirrings of hatred.

mariamaria said...

Hey, landsker!! where are ya? We miss you over at the peace train!!!

Glenda said...

Hello, landsker!!

cool film, really cool,,really makes me angery too!!

mariamaria said...

hey man, whattup??
Whatcha doin?