Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tools of peace.

The clip from youtube features three brave and spirited ladies, who are taking an ambulance to the residents of Gaza, donated by the people of Swansea in South Wales, bless`em.
Making peace takes an effort, and now there`s a multi-national convoy heading towards Gaza, of ambulances and medical supplies.
No guns, no ammunition, no security guards, none of that silly nonsense, Gazans have seen enough of war and absolutely need medical assistance, and from the UK, a convoy of around 80 vehicles set off earlier this month.

All driven by volunteers, and loaded with gifts, now in Turkey, being hailed and cheered, the Turks have also donated further vehicles and ambulances.
Most welcome too, is the news that almost 50 more supporters with vehicles have joined in from the USA no less!... including even some decidedly kosher gentlemen who feel that Palestine needs to be *Free*. (Click for link to Turkey.)

That`s over 200 vehicles due to arrive in Gaza on the 27th of December.

No drones, no smart bombs, no missiles, no soldiers, no weapons at all.

Just men and women, with more guts than any warmongering fool.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hypocrites assemble.

In the city of Copenhagen, the illustrious and powerful are gathering to pronounce their opinions on "global warming"...or "climate change", and it appears that the ever-increasing consumption of fossil fuels is giving rise to a larger "carbon footprint".
The solution, according to some will be a "carbon-permit trading scheme."

A tax on consumption, the revenue that will be collected and administered by the same clever people who brought in "credit default swaps"(link...)
Good story here, from a young lady in New York.

Whilst telling us to be frugal and mindfull of our consumption, the stewards of our society are themselves living way beyond "our means". Some might call it a blatant plot to transfer yet more hard-earned capital from the pockets of the workers to the bank accounts of the elites and their sleazy servants.
Politicians do not create wealth, they only tax it!

In London, no less a news outlet than the Daily Telegraph picks up on the numbers involved that enabled this conference.

Caviar, limousines, private jets, luxury hotels, and prostitutes.....these hypocrites are not fooling anyone.

Nobody begrudges taxes, when they are used wisely, for roads, schools, hospitals, the disabled, our fire and police services etc, etc.
Indeed, "from each according to ability and to each according to need", a Marxism, but in the case of taxation, a sound ethic.
So why do these charlatans need to be "ensconced in luxury"?

Their carbon footprint comes from the shoe of conspicuous consumption!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ridiculous, Sublime, Ongoing.

Capitalism seemingly creates millionaires and poverty in the same breath, it gives the oportunity to undertake an enterprise using borrowed money on the promise of future reward.
So when academics discovered some hitherto allegedly "unknown" properties of a common weed, they got themslves to the stock market with a bagfull of medicinal oils and wedge of scientific research.
"They done well", and after several years of documented research and hard work, "their plan is paying good".

A simple process to make plant-based tincture that can alleviate the pain caused by amazing.

Here`s how the "Pharma times" plays the news....

Shares in UK group GW Pharmaceuticals were on the rise yesterday following the publication of promising results from a trial of its cannabis-based drug Sativex in cancer pain in a peer reviewed journal.

The multinational, randomised, placebo-controlled trial was designed to pit the effectiveness of Sativex (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol [THC] and cannabidiol) in improving pain against THC alone and a placebo, and involved 177 patients with advanced cancer who had failed to gain adequate pain relief with strong opioids.

Click to full article.

Of course, capitalism is a cruel thing, and financially, for those who aren`t in the investment circle, this news is of no relevance whatsoever.
For those in pain from cancer or other diseases, the news is perhaps bittersweet comfort.

About two thousand years ago, there was another group of researchers and investors with a similar medicinal compound.
Some saw it as a commodity to be sold and controlled, by the elders and the inner circle of the already wealthy.

Then there were those who estimed that by making the oil available to the sick as a charitable act, and a function of their class, they would thus civilise and improve the lot of the whole community, rather than enhancing the wealth of a minority few.

Link to an older story about a magic oil.

(Unusual graphics, but relevant tale)..... It creates some interesting asides, the website is an excellent resource for further information on the uses and histories of hemp....)

It`s good to know that science can identify and evaluate the properties of such a beneficial plant, however, the question of reinforcing a market monopoly using prohibition as a bar to all competition is downright ridiculous, sublime even...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A soldiers` job.

The first goal in life, our first breaths, are taken to survive..... the Cossacks certainly survived and thrived, more perhaps in their homelands than anywhere else...Fine bit of singing, if you enjoy the thoughts of galloping towards battle, with swords clashing, cannon and rifle shots etc, etc...

Clear images too, of what those men wore, their customs and outlook writ upon their frames.

Meanwhile, the US government strategy of avoiding battles by paying ransom is coming to the fore.....

A good article in the Guardian names the players and the amounts involved.
Once again, the names are familiar, sons and cousins of ministers and warlords, and the amounts run to billions, around 10% of the US money spent on war goes straight to Afghan "Security firms." (link).

So it seeems that all the talk of "new tactics", or "improved weapon systems", or even increasing troop numbers is simply adding good money to bad.

From another angle, there`s an Afghan minister, who alleges that some of the foreign troops, rather than shutting down the poppy fields, are actually profiting from the drug trade.

Nah... who`d a thunk it(link).

To say that the "war on terror" has become a sad and tangled parody of all wars is perhaps an understatement, but it has started to resemble in parts, the plot of the Joseph Heller novel, here`s a lovely clip or two from the film, with insights

....Milo Minderbinder from Catch 22, (link).....

Friday, November 13, 2009

The singing starts.

It`s been a quiet few days in Afghnistan and Iraq, maybe the winds of change are blowing.

Whilst career soldiers clamour for more troops and more helicopters, wiser political minds are calling for negotiation and settlement.

From Britain, Kim Howells calls for withdrawal....

The UK and the US are still in financial doo-doo, with rising unemployment, falling currency values, and they have earned the contempt of the Asian/ Moslem world, and are not particularly welcome in Latin America, or Africa....

The independent carries a fair editorial comparing the situation to that of former presidents, who "inherit" a war.

Apart from these two leading voices for ending the war, there is also a growing sense of disbelief and scepticism amongst the taxpaying voters.
No-one really believes any more that the Taliban are planning to invade the world, or that Iraq is/was full of WMD`s.

Whilst some think wars are won on the battlefields, the tactics and weapons are far more diverse, and it`s fair to say that if nothing else the US/NATO incursions have exposed the military forces of the West as lacking the most important pre-requisite for winning a war, and that is, as according to the Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu the moral imperative..., that is to say the full support of their people, the troops and the generals.

It`s pretty obvious, given the rising amount of public protest, even the troops are beginning to doubt the purpose of these wars, and without doubt, the huge spending defecits in the UK and US are going to have to be curbed, and cuts to budgets will have to be made.

We use £50 million helicopters, which are downed by Taliban fighters with cheap Kalashnikovs,... Multi-million pound tanks, destroyed by £100 roadside bombs.

Maybe that`s what we should do in terms of defence spending... equip every town and village with a cache of roadside bombs, give every one a Kalashnikov , and then if any stupid warmongering bastards come round wanting a war, we can follow the example of the the Afghans, and the Vietnamese, the Irish, (to name but a few!) and send any invaders back whence they came.

Let`s face it, the "war" has been lost, not because of insufficient soldiers, nor because of tactics, nor for lack of helicopters or troop transporters, but simply because US and NATO forces lacked the moral imperative.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Mental disorders.

For a change.....I thought it might be interesting to look at the issue of ADHD, rather than the constant focus on war and political corruption.

Call it adhd, call it autism, or even FAS... it`s a sad fact that often children are victimised for non-conformist behaviour.
The system doesn`t appreciate being called into question, and those who show signs of alternative behaviour or opinion are often isolated or sidelined.

The Learning Breakthrough Bulletin November 4, 2009...(click for link to original website)
Parent Tip:

Take the negative stereotypes of ADHD on the list below and turn them into
positive, actionable ideas instead.

Negative traits on left are converted to POSITIVES on right...

Instead of ADHD being thought of as X...Consider them to be Y


Hyperactive or restless.....Energetic

Unable to stay on point....Sees connections others don’t

Forgetful.....Gets lost in what he is doing

Inconsistent.....Shows flashes of brilliance

Stubborn.....Persistent, won’t give up




Some research has been done into the causes of autism, and given the debate over the effects of alcohol on the unborn child , anyone who has ties to children or adults affected by the realities of ADHD etc might like to compare and study the traits of FAS, or Foetal Alcohol Syndrome.

Is it just me, or are the alcohol producers suppressing any investigations into the phenomenon of children with behavioral difficulties?
There seems to be little or no research into the possible connections, and indeed the government seems to have little or no appetite to curtail the alcohol trade.

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome... for more ...

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome is the biggest cause of non-genetic mental handicap in the western world and the only one that is 100% preventable. (Click/Link to website)

Not much from government on this subject, one wonders if the alcohol producers lobby is suppressing the message, it wouldn`t be the first time that corporations have hidden the truth, as in tobacco causes cancer, or that fossil fuels are toxic.

Alcohol during pregnancy is the number one cause of non-genetic mental handicap in the Western world.
Jesus H. fucking Christ, that is one extremely sad statistic.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Choosing flocks.

(Click on chart to enlarge.)

"What about the Catholics?"......

They don`t get a mention?....

Well I absolutely don`t know... I didn`t draw the chart....most likely the artist has made a point "by omission".

Monday, October 26, 2009

Burning money, and boiling blood.

Years ago, whilst attending a safety awareness course, a lecturer made it quite clear...
"There`s no such thing as an accident", he taught..... "There`s carelessness, lack of planning or maintainance, there`s stupidity, and all accidents show a failure of anticipative prevention by the management."

At 50 million dollars, loosing one Chinook helicopter and crew is unfortunate, even careless to say the least, but loosing three in one morning is bordering on stupidity.

Fourteen Americans dead as helicopters crash in Afghan raids.

The sheer waste of taxpayer money in this arrogant war is more than stupid, it has become pointless.
The helicopters can be replaced, and as long as the servile taxpayer doesn`t mind, and no doubt the military will want more, as for replacing the crew, it`s "Next please".... until there are no more replacements, willing to die for futile glory and the whims of the rich.

Off to work now, so here`s a tune for anyone feeling a little under the weather.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thoughts that cross the water.

Have you ever gone to the `phone, thinking I`ll call *^^&*, and suddenly as you do, the ring tones sound, and there`s the very person, with the same notion in mind.

Is it the power of thought, or just a coincidence?

Did you ever wonder how millions of migratory birds can agree to meet, twice a year at the same place and time, to fly across continents and between nations?..

Anyway.....looking at two articles on the internet, one from Britain, the other from the US, one might ask if the writers were aware of each other, or is it just a coincidence of thought and time.

From Texas the voice of Len Hart:

FACT TIME: there is only ONE justification for war under International Law and that is ''imminent threat'.
I say file capital charges against George W. Bush, his guilty staff and the Pentagon brass who knowingly and willing planned the entire heist on behalf of big oil!

I say charge every member of the Dick Cheney 'Energy Task Force' for planning it all, literally carving up the oil fields of Iraq before the all-too-convenient Riechstag Fire called 911 gave them the broad and wide ranging pretext to begin a perpetual war in which the US would plunder the Middle East."

Full text.

More moderate, but with the same tone, in London, writing about Afghanistan in the Guardian newspaper, from the columnist Simon Jenkins....

Not calling for the politicians and generals to be charged and tried, but it seems that the same conclusion is reached;

That our armed forces are no longer defending the interests and safety of the taxpayer, but instead are serving the greed of the oil barons and defending the stagnant ineptitude of politicians.

"...We have blown $230bn of US and UK taxpayers' money and left 1,463 soldiers dead. Everything has been tried, from gender awareness courses to carpet-bombing Tora Bora......
...The West is not under any threat that remotely justifies this wreckage. Instead, weak politicians, bored by domestic ills, have seized on any passing threat to boost their standing at home by fighting small wars abroad and making them big...
..Western leaders seem unable to resist the seduction of military power.

Original article here.

The military wants more soldiers, more weapons, more drones, more helicopters, tanks, more more more, but perhaps, in terms of meeting the realities of less developed nations, the time has come for the West to consider sending architects, bricklayers, carpenters, engineers, electricians, plumbers, doctors, nurses, teachers.....

In return, maybe the human race will start travelling in the same direction at the same time.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Harps, chords and other notes.

Karl Jenkins, a modern Welsh composer, conducts his own "Palladio", with Catrin Finch playing the electric harp.

Both are said to be "at the edge". Enjoy!

Friday, October 09, 2009

The message from Hakimullah Mehsud.

Hakimullah Meshud is a leader of the Taliban in Pakistan, supposedly killed by a drone, or was it a missile, or.... anyway, he`s still alive, and would like Obama to withdraw all his troops from Muslim soil.
If not, he says, "send two million, and it will still not be enough."

The military solution from the US/NATO is doing nothing except wasting the blood of young soldiers, leaving many of them as amputees and /or mentally incapacitated and billions of taxpayer funds on armaments and weapons that after eight long and wasted years have brought neither peace nor stability, nor even an honest election...but of course, without war, the generals would have no career, and the arms manufacturers would have no markets.

Hakimullah has also constantly affirmed that his only goal is to drive out all invading troops, and nothing more.
His methods, the roadside bomb, and the ambush are typical of guerilla tactics the world over... the IRA against the British, Castro and Guevara in Cuba, the Algerian resistance against the French, and of course, in some ways, the Vietcong.

The location, tactics and timing are always in his control, a first rule of warfare.

In the clip, Mehsud appears with his retinue, their demeanour has an air, a spirit that exudes self-confidence, but without the swagger of most military enclaves.

Nothing radical or new in his tactics, except that he believes fervently that he represents the views of almost 1.5 billion Muslims, many of whom are exceptionally wealthy.
Along with the news that the Chinese, French, Russians and most Arab oil producers are calling for an end the dollar dominance in oil trade, it looks like it`s time for America and Nato to consider withdrawal, before they bankrupt their citizens.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Ending war.

So what happens next... the Taliban are seemingly all powerful and unrelenting, the American military and NATO are now the most expensive the world has ever seen, and want more funds, but confess they are loosing both in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The war machine wants build... more means of destruction, an oxymoronic affair indeed.

But there we are, why build and sell tractors for 10 K, when army jeeps fetch a hundred K, why produce hammers and chisels, when machine guns and rifles fetch a thousand times the price.

Why train teachers, or doctors for the good of the entire community, when soldiers and airmen will bring the power of life and death to their masters.

But sooner or later, politicians all realise that warmongering is a dangerous game, and with no real progress in Afghanistan, Obama has very little time before the cost of the American military becomes a topic of public discussion.

The price of an armoured troop carrier approaches a million or so bucks, jeeps like the hummer cost less, whilst helicopters fetch 20 milion or more.

All from the hard working taxpayer, whilst the roadside bomb costs the Talibans just 50 bucks or so, and is raised from "donations".

Britain/Westminster is spending billions too, and still has no specific mandate or objective.

"Get the terrorists"... "Stop the extremists", are hardly well thought out reasons for occupying a country that for the most part seems to support the ejection of foreign troops. After the obviously corrupt elections in Kabul, the notion of bringing democracy is another transparent falsehood.

Meanwhile, back at the bankers banquet.

Looks like most of the "change" has ended up in the pockets of the rich.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Palestine , written and read by Khulood, a 12 year old Palestinian girl, bless her.

My name is Palestine
I wrote my name at all fields
with a unique font greater than all titles
The letters of my name, the letters of my name, live inside me, feed me, spread the soul and fire inside my body
The mountains of the river, knows me well
I spent all my power and ask my nation help
And Saladin was calling, calling inside me

And my Arabic origin is asking me for freedom and revenge
And those flags which were folded at Hatiin (battle)
And the caller of Al Aqsa Masjid (mosque) is calling for help
And thousands of prisoners are calling for help
Calling the greater nation and calling for millions
Go to Al Quds(Jerusalem),
to a war where the oppressed are, to stop the injustice of the Zionism, and raise the flag of Palestine
My words will remain the same
Palestine, Palestine, Palestine

It, (War in Iraq, Afghanistan, war on terror, etc) all seems to come back to the question of Palestine, the invasion of which was a somewhat convoluted affair.
The differences between Jews and non-jews have existed for thousands of years, but now with nuclear weapons involved, the debate has become the focus of attention for anyone who lives downwind!
The European jews who moved there from Europe claimed ownership as they had "suffered" under the Germans, and say that the land was given to them by "god".

Forgetting, conveniently, that European jews were never descended from the original Semitics, they were converts to the religion.

History and research tell us that the invasion and subsequent occupation of Palestine was engineered to suit the dreams of the Rothschilds, who saw Israel as a centre for World government and... and all that oil and gas would be an ancillary benefit, of course, the borders of Israel are a "moveable feast", always edging towards the oil fields of Iraq and Iran.
Once the "new Israelis" arrived, they set about harrassing and evicting the Palestinians, until as shown by this years invasion of Gaza, (condemned by the UN as a war crime) they have sunk to the deepest depths of murder and wilfull destruction.
It`s easy to see now, each few years, the "israelis" expand their territory, even Jerusalem is being ethnically cleansed, as the Israelis rattle their sabres on the way to war with Iran.

Will such a war embroil the whole world...?

Or, in the event of the Israelis bombing the nuclear facilities of Iran, (hypocritically with reactors and nuclear weapons of their own.) will the US simply allow the Iranians, with their Chinese and Russian missiles to "wipe the zionists from the face of the earth",
Thus the problem is solved, the USS Liberty is avenged, and America slips loose of the empires` leash.

The poem moved me to tears, something about the feeling in the voice, the trembling as she fights back the tears.....

But being moved with no response is no way to live...,

Here`s a link to a website that calls for an economic boycott of all the corporations that support Israel, or profit from the occupation.
"With us, or against us".

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Culminative opinion.

On the 11th of this month, a small crowd gathered outside the London headquarters of the BBC, to protest the lack of coverage concerning new evidence that has emerged concerning the infamous events of "9/11".

The BBC did not cover the protest, allthough the "Guardian" did.

After telephoning the BBC themselves, I was told that they had "No comment, not to bloggers..."

Undoubtedly, with so many British troops being killed and injured in Afghanistan, any revelations concerning 9/11 might result in a serious backlash amongst military families.

As would be the case in the US, even more so, if allegations of government collusion are proven.

Previously, I`ve posted videos of TV programmes in France
and Denmark.
Mainstream national TV stations have a huge power to influence people, and are normally kept in check by their governments, so to broadcast what amounts to allegations of murder and cover-up by the US government is indeed taking a bold step.

Now the Norwegians and the Russians have also broadcast refutations to the official story...

From Russia with love...

The normally staid and unimpulsive Norwegians have been watching too.

So what next?
When will mainstrean media in the US invite its` citrizens to consider that the attack on New York was not carried out by radical Muslims?

When will the american generals turn their firepower on the real perpetrators?

Of course, the foreign media might be making up stories, but somehow I doubt it.

I don`t pretend to know what happened exactly on that morning, but if so many journalists in so many countries are broadcasting their doubts, then it must be time to take the devil by the horns and present the question to Obama himself.

Hi Mr Obama.

What say you?....

One thing for sure, in any talks that American officials have with other nations, unless and until, the real truth of 9/11 is dealt with, the American military and political establishment is without credence.

One suspects that in higher circles, the game may be already over, because if "It wasn`t the Muslims..."

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Taxes... purpose and benefits thereof.

We all recognise the security and comfort of a well-managed society.
Schools, roads, hospitals, law, justice, utilities...all levers that shape our lives.
For which we pay taxes, and expect that those administering the public purse will exert control and diligence over our monies.

Apparently, once again the militarists are unable to conduct themselves with dignity.

Once again, the name "blackwater" crops up, and the facts are testament to the need to return every single one of these miscreants to their miserable hovels and their mindless petty existences.

Our slick-tounged politicos tell us that our military is bringing democracy to the Afghan people, and that their prescence brings dignity to the women and children of Afghanistan.

With the constant bombing of civilians, and the drunken and licentious behaviour of the US/NATO forces, one can only conclude that one or two of our politicians are bare-faced liars .

How and when will this arrogant stupidity end?

Is it time to confront our own government and tell them, that enough is enough.....
How many of us would feel outrage if an angry Afghan citizen managed to kill several hundred of these drunken idiots... would we really feel any loss.
Supporting "our troops" is one thing, supporting a bunch of drunken shitheads is not something upon which I want my taxes spent.
Mindless and violent morons...Fuck `em all.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Not wholly good nor bad.

Rev Eli Jenkins' Prayer - Dylan Thomas (from Under Milk Wood)

Every morning when I wake,
Dear Lord, a little prayer I make,
O please do keep Thy lovely eye
On all poor creatures born to die

And every evening at sun-down
I ask a blessing on the town,
For whether we last the night or no
I'm sure is always touch-and-go.

We are not wholly bad or good
Who live our lives under Milk Wood,
And Thou, I know, wilt be the first
To see our best side, not our worst.

O let us see another day!
Bless us all this night, I pray,
And to the sun we all will bow
And say, good-bye - but just for now!*

Thoughts of grace for Ted Kennedy, here`s a little one from Wales, with a view of the Gower Peninsula.

Here`s a link to a petition, calling for the U.S to honour the late senator witha health care bill that he had been working upon, prior to his death.

I guess he was one of those guys who just kept going...Bless him.... and please sign for him. Thanks

Actually, (Sunday morning), after reading through the contents of the bill, maybe not.....the proposed structure really seems open to all kinds of interpretation and exploitation.
One can imagine too, that if it ever got passed, it would probably include provisions for the elites to continue abusing the underclasses.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Spanish civil war.

"No great idea in its beginning can ever be within the law. How can it be within the law? The law is stationary. The law is fixed. The law is a chariot wheel which binds us all regardless of conditions or place or time."

Emma Goldman.

There was a group of American civilian-soldiers, who, in the 1930`s when the rumblings of civil war exploded across Spain, set off to fight fascism.....They called themselves the

Abraham Lincoln Brigade.

Most perished, but their name lives on, in song and in the memories of all Spanish people, war is always a somewhat senseless activity, but I guess sometimes one has to fight.

The governments of America and Europe stood idly by as Franco, Mussolini and Hitler spread their vile politics across the continent, only Russia sent assistance, but tens of thousands of leftists and trade unionists travelled to Spain to fight against the military force of the Dictator Franco.
Franco and his forces won that war, and Spain was to endure over 30 years of restrictive fascism.

Their most celebrated encounter was the battle of Jarama, about which Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger sing......

At the going down of the sun.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Health of nations.

Meetings are taking place in the US, concerning the issue of privatised vs public health services...

Here`s a report from "Enigma", an activist, mother and nurse who is speaking out on behalf of those who have no medical insurance.

There are news reports coming from the US, with interviews from the right-wing opponents of the "National Health Service", and there are wild, unsubstantiated accusations of failings within the British system.
To which of course, one must point out that, "warts and all", at least we have a system that serves every single one of us according to our needs, and that the "burden" is one that we have pride in carrying.

We may not have so many missiles, but at least we got socialised medicine:). Actually, Wales hasn`t even got an air force, or a navy (apart from one or two small fisheries protection craft), we`ve a few hundred soldiers, presently under the "command" of the UK government, who in their quest to rule the planet, in the sixteenth century, after many fiery confrontations, finally took control of Wales through the "acts of union".

No debate concerning the National Health Service should omit the story of its` founding, the details of which encompass the coal mines of Britain, the writings of Marx, and the tale of a boy of 13, driven to work underground in the coal pit through poverty and a lack of schooling..

Aneurin Bevan was born in November 1897, of a typical Welsh family of the time, his father was a coal miner with 10 children to feed and educate, and Aneurin, (or "Nye", as he was called"), soon found himself underground, dust covered and hand- hewing coal for a wage that barely covered the cost of food and rent.

As the other miners talked with him, they realised he was "special", and between them, they sent him to be educated in the hope that he would lead them from their misery and squalor.

In a short time he became first a trade unionist and then a politician.

In 1925, his father lay dying of pneumoconiosis, the "miners` curse", Nye was there, holding him, sharing the last breaths and thoughts, and it is said that it was then he vowed that of all things he would do in his life,
the establishment of taxpayer-funded healthcare for every man, woman and child, would be his primary goal.

Not only a friend of the American Singer and activist Paul Robeson...

There`s more to the man from the hill...

In no small way, do I, and millions of others, owe life to this man, and I certainly couldn`t imagine Wales without our health service, "Free to all, in time of need, and at the point of delivery."

Bad luck or carelessness, but in my younger days, having had some surgery & stitching here and there, I`d be a fool not to believe in the policy of taxpayer-funded medicine.
As it happens, I`ve been fortunate for many years not to need a doctor, but don`t begrudge my taxes paying for the day when that need arises, or indeed, how could anyone fault a system that helps us all, the new-born, the sick, and the elderly without any distinctions of class or wealth.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Something interesting in the State of Denmark.

National media tends to be conservative and cautious, lawsuits and court appearances being somewhat damaging to their reputations and balance sheets.

So, after no doubt, some consideration as to the legal and political ramifications of transmitting a refutation to the official version of 9/11, TV2 in Denmark went ahead and aired the above interview with Professor Niels Harrit, whose findings are giving a clearer picture of how the three towers collapsed into their own footprint.

It seems too that at last, the FBI whistleblower, Sibil Edmonds, is having her voice heard....
Here`s a link or two, firstly during the first "official inquiry". Interview with American radio station.

Secondly to Counterpunch, the online news source....January 2008....

Of course, none of these "facts" give the full picture of what is going on within the military industrial complex, the cost of which is beginning to exceed that of education, law and order, pensions, health, transport.....

It`s an old game, isn`t it? The militaries tell the politicians and the population that there are threats from a dangerous enemy, but fortunately, they have the troops and weapons to save the nation...and each year it costs just a few trillion dollars more.

Friday, July 31, 2009


In global terms, the French are never far from centre stage, like the Brits and Germans, they no longer appear in need of ruling the world, but just the same, there`s still that sense of personal ambition that gave us Napoleon, Sartre, Piaf, the french resistance, champagne and ...french fries.

A French comedian is "raising steam", with a routine that sees a dark and twisted chuckle in the events of September 11.

In French with English subtitles.

By the way, M. Bigard is a chum of M. Sarkozy, who apparently was not amused with a prod at the "official version"....... which led to an open debate on national television, and a somewhat serious illumination of that days` atrocities.....

Here`s the programme, again, French with subtitles, but entertaining!

Similar discussions, with scientists and journalists are starting to emerge on other European television stations....How long? one wonders, before an unfettered discussion reaches American soil.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Western winds.

Wind here today near Pembroke...South by West, 20 knots, weather...cloudy, with occasional showers.

The politicians are taking a summer recess, and seem to have left us with swine-flu and the war on terrorism, an economy in hibernation, all overseen by experts appointed by commitees...

In recession-hit Spain, there`s an economic plan which is causing some problems.

Whilst in the Northern Europe, Denmark is leading the field in escaping the costs and consequences of non-renewable energy production, with around 20 percent of electricity coming from "windmills" lesser amounts of hydro and solar... who knows, perhaps there is some sense in a maddened world.

When the wind is blowing, the lights are

Friday, July 03, 2009

Modern Moslem Women....Ms Nebahat Albayrak

For most societies, women are still not often encountered in the realms of government and power.

Muslim women in particular, are not exactly noted for being at the forefront of world-wide political reform, but in Holland, Ms Albyrak has taken the reins of justice and is certainly ploughing a new furrow.

Unlike the US and the UK, Holland is actually seeing a fall in crime, and thus a fall in prisoner numbers, so much so that they are closing down eight prisons, and laying off 1200 guards.... Everyone happy, except the right wingers!

Some might say that crime is low, because personal drug use is not prosecuted, and others say that it is due to prosperity and the inherent good character of the folks that live, mostly below the level of the sea.Whatever the reasons, Holland arrived at a point where their crime rate is actually decreasing....

They have approximately 1 prisoner per 1,000 population, the US has almost 1 per hundred, and the UK somewhere around 1 per 150.Factor in the trend towards privatisation in the US and the UK, and the smell of "prisons for profit" cuts across any valid argument of jail being a deterrent or even a cure for crime.

So, maybe our politicians should take lessons from those who have a proven record in crime reduction, rather than sounding off about the need to persecute and prosecute the less fortunate, they should defer to those who have not only successfully reduced crime, but have built a far more cohesive society.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

9/11; getting the real picture.

Most people around the world already know that 9/11 was not what it seemed.

Two airplanes caused three towers to collapse, then came a call to war....a murderous idiocy... continuing with the laissez-faire acceptance of the attack by the current administration... a sort of "don`t ask-don`t tell".

In Denmark, Germany and other countries, discussions have been aired on the TV and radio.
In the US (and Britain), the official line is to keep chasing the Muslim "terrorists", especially those with large oil and gas reserves., although with trillions of dollars of debt, and a rapidly shrinking GDP, the chances of an imminent meltdown in US social order are increasing.

The Yanks may be fooling some of their own, and no doubt there are many around the world who accept the official line with blithe indifference.
There are other individuals who are taking steps toward exposing the true identities of the perpetrators of the attack.....

even Wikipedia is publishing the allegations...

Right after the attacks, in line with official procedures, the US government dispatched a professional photographer, Kurt Sonnenfeld. Attached to FEMA, he soon realised that what he was seeing pointed to evidence of dirty tricks.

When he voiced suspicions to his superiors, he was sidelined and threatened, and now lives in exile in Argentina.

(Quote)"And then it was very odd to me when I learned that FEMA and several other federal agencies had already moved into position at their command center at Pier 92 on September 10th, one day before the attacks......../the collapse of Building 7 was hardly mentioned by the mainstream media and suspiciously ignored by the 911 Commission...../(unquote)

Read on.....

Meanwhile the oil-thirsty establishment... harps on about the need for "freedom" in Iran, and Iraq,..... and Afghanistan.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bringing together, under one roof.

There`s a couple of Americans, who linked up, in a combo, with some Africans, a few Europeans, one or two Latin Americans, some white guys, a lady from Israeli, some black people, some Indians, native Americans, and so many more.

It`s Friday, in brief, the video is about using harmony and music to fund projects that provide music to poor folk in Africa, and lets you into a world of global technology and constructive works.

If you feel moved, and it is a truly moving piece of music, then linking to you tube will find several more tracks, and contact information on the whole "craic."

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A voice, a lady speaks.

Just a few moments of reading to see another view.. somewhat sardonic, and certainly very moving.

Perhaps those who see militarism as a worthwhile vocation should slowly consider the thoughts of a lady from Iraq... Layla...

Here`s a quote from her blog, and there`s a link at the foot of the page, although the full article turns around the phrase... "As good as it gets"..., and may not be to the taste of serving soldiers...

Please come and see our combat stress.

The paralyzed old man with drill holes in his legs.
The wobbly woman unable to walk after her "visit" to Abu Ghraib.
The kids who stutter at age 14 and still piss in their pants because they saw the unspeakable.
Whole families living in one damp bedroom, with no mattresses and no blankets.
Women prostituting themselves and slashing their thighs with razor blades after their clients have gone.
Children who can't read and write because they can't afford school.
Displaced families still living in tents and rummaging in garbage to find something to eat.

(ClicK)Thousands maimed with bullets, bombs, burns because of you. Hundred of emptied homes in ruins or occupied by militias because of you.
Long queues of lost faces, holding documents, begging for a place because of you. Thousands of children, with no father and mother, living in the streets, sniffing glue, trafficked, sold, bought, beaten up, because of you.
Thousands crammed in jails, tortured, diseased because of you.
Widowed women living on pavements in Amman, Damascus, Cairo, because of you.
Young women gang raped and blinded with acid because of you...God damn it and God damn you, the list is long...

More faces. Same old face.

There`s an old saying, about those who have more faces than the town clock, and that`s got at least three.
Of course, one might say that who the american people choose as president is their own affair.
However, given that Europe is now the destination and home of thousands upon thousands of refugees from Iraq and Afghanistan, fleeing from the US/NATO instigated conflicts and wars, then perhaps we in Europe have a right to speak...

How to end the war?...
Stop shooting, that would be a good start..
Stop the bombing raids...

Too easy, and of course, if the troops stop firing weapons and dropping bombs, then the munition factories would cease production, which would would save the taxpayer money, and stop the flood of refugees.

The only loosers would be the owners of the munitions factories, the workers and the troops.... think about that, eh, unemployed bomb makers, unemployed soldiers and generals... so fucking what. Fuck `em. Get an honest proper job.

Of course, that`s why the war cannot stop, there`s still enough wannabe warriors and bomb makers willing to trade the blood of innocent children for the price of their food, a home and a pick-up truck.

Getting back to the point, the new president has had a remarkable show of spite of shouting change, change, change..., since flouncing into the White House... Guantanamo is still open, the tribunals continue, as do the wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan... where in just 100 days, over 100 civilians, mostly women and children have been killed by the bombs from Uncle Sam.

The killing of a child is the killing of a child, irrespective of race or nationality... that Mister bloodsucking president.

I have to wonder about the "folk" working in the bomb factories, do they ever consider what it would be like to awake and find their own families blasted to bits, bones and blood spread around their rooms, faeces and flesh dripping from the walls of their houses.
Would I, or anyone else, feel anger if the Afghans managed to return those attacks, bombing the American or British mainland... collateral damage the apologists call it...or would we feel shame on having brought such things upon ourselves...(quiet pause..?)

Why do the voters fall for these two-faced, twisted, murderous politicians, who smirk behind the appealing shape of their canine servants...

In Iraq, in his first 100 days hundreds of civilians have died, as well as dozens of his troops.... dead and disabled...when will they ever learn.

With a few years to go, Obama might catch up with GW in the killing game, the Iraqui resistance is still in force, and averaging 3/4 kills per week, the Afghan/Taliban resistance is growing stronger, and promise to concentrate on helicopters ... expensive targets.... Never mind, it`s good business for the manufacturers, and that`s what makes America what it is....

From the taxpayer, over a trillion dollars for arms and ammunition, plus an extra 100 billion emergency funds for this years` battles.

Over a million job losses since taking office.

The show goes on, new boss, same as the old boss. Strangely now, no mention of change, and certainly no sight of sanity in the White House .

Some Americans, thankfully have realised that new boss is not so far removed from the old man in space, one million at war, two million homeless, and three million in jail.

The mantra continues, as it did with the last puppet emperor of the planet earth.
What is it with evil arseholes and posing with puppy dogs...

More troops to the Eastern front.... Print more banknotes...intensify the border patrols...more missiles to the Russian border.....more troops...more `planes... more weapons...more prisons...more, more, more...

Ah yes, Me and you, and a fucking dog named Boo, or was it named Barney, or Blondi...?

All three dogs, as we know, are/were fed by Wall st.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cereal offenses...

Not one for breakfast cereals, apart from the odd bowl of winter porridge, by and large, the morning munch is usually "continental", i.e., bread/cheese/fish, even eggs and fruit, but no toasted, sugar-soaked shite from cardboard boxes, with "added nutrition and extra taste!"

A tonne of corn at the farm gate fetches roughly $150/£100, good quality wheat is more expensive starting at about £200 per tonne.... which if my maths are true... means that the cost of corn works out to 15c/10p per kilo .

A kilo of "reconstituted" (pre-chewed & sanitised!) corn, sold in shops as breakfast food, fetches anything from a pound, up to three pounds ($5).....

So, between the garden and the table, there surely sits one well-fed and wealthy sector of the food chain.

By the way, the picture comes courtesy of another blog, ....Fengtastic...., worth a visit, images... and subtle ones at that.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The tortured soul.

Just added a new link, right at the top...Blacklisted news....., an american site that seems to fit with the times.

Interesting article (Click)from a guy named Tom Burghardt (February),
which pre-empts the Obama announcement concerning torture.... and also sheds light on the connections between boeing and the CIA...

Boeing... serving the agents of rendition and torture... but Obama had best watch out...putting himself into the frame by ruling out further investigation, or indeed any criminal charges of the participants, sends out a message to the entire world.....that of "my country right or wrong".

Ah well, change was short, but not sweet.

Editing (22nd April)...a few days later, and Obama now says he may indeed, one day, perhaps, consider prosecutions..."Wriggling", is that what our american friends call it.
Of course, there`s also the matter of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...which if torture is illegal, then war should be a capital crime!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

G20, Circus in town.

The circus has arrived in London, a one-off show, that will not be touring the provinces. Sadly, yours truly has not got the inclination nor the time to visit the show.

Then again, with the internet, one can know within moments just what amazing feats and spectacles these gargantuan performers have brought to the big top.

The Russians, who now supply much of the world with gas, oil and inexpensive yet highly efficient armaments, (Kalashnikov is not a town in Texas!),
are calling for and end to the use of the dollar as reserve currency for the world....

The Chinese even suggest that we all use the Yuan.
Obama insists that it won`t be necessary....Well, every circus has it`s clowns...

Barak, let me tell you something, there are over 1 billion chinese, mostly educated and law-abiding, but above all, industrious... contrasted with 300 million americans,,, then there`s the Russians, again well educated, industrious and fiercely nationalistic, then there`s Europe and Latin America...
Need I say more, apart from 6 million Israelis, you have virtually no allies left, so maybe time to get a new act... how about you try farming instead of warmongering, or making nice little cars instead of tanks and jeeps, or how about schools and hospitals instead of prisons and military bases.
You could even take the homeless from your streets, and take the sick into care, dismantle your weapons of mass distruction....., or the people of America will do it for you.
Wake up, and get into step with the world.

The Barak and Brown approach to the global monetary programme, is to print money, borrow it, and charge it to the taxpayer...whilst most of the other nations are electing to undergo a period of economic contraction, and then on to a less indebted future.

The French, (under strong prompts from Berlin!) are threatening to walk away unless the world agrees to tighten the rules on hedge funds and tax havens.

Now, underneath the make-up and the silly costumes lies a cunning mind, but then again, is Barak perhaps fooling himself?

Does he really think that no-one else knows he and his banking elites are out of cash? Or that his armies have little prospect of victory against what is now, an increasingly sophisticated guerilla force.

Surrounded by 300 "secret service agents", and a trillion dollar army, he might feel and look important, but should the Chinese cut off his credit, or should the "terrorists" disrupt the supply of oil, then his overly expensive act may not be required in the not-too-distant future..

Without doubt, the Russians, Chinese, and most of Europe reject the policies, and thus the actions of the US.
Which only leaves England and Gordon Brown, who one suspects has no choice, given the entanglement of US and UK financial conglomerates.

There might be a few blips, but I`d say the US dollar is failing and falling from grace as a medium of exchange, and who knows, maybe next time Obama comes to town he won`t need all those expensive bodyguards, the armoured limousine, the staff, the helicopters, the personal jets, the nuclear football...
Of course, he`ll still need the suit, the make-up, a script.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hunting buck.

In the news at the moment is AIG, the US insurance "giant". They`ve been busy everywhere, spreading their capital everywhere, including the greasy, sticky hands of Obamsteen. One of their core business involvements is within the Israeli mortgage market, through a subsidary called......

Ezer Mortgage Insurance.

(Thanks to the author at Blogocrity for that one, and reading the comments makes for some interesting moments.)

Of course, in Israel, being a "special nation", of "special people", they have slightly different values.
One being the price of property, which by any measure seems to be highly over-valued, ten times more expensive than Egypt or Palestine, and the other little benefit, as can be seen from the link, is a special clause that allows the Israelis to take periods of "grace" on their repayments.

Imagine that some of those mortgages may be of dubious certification or provenance,....far be it for me to cast aspersions or slurs upon the Jewish people, but lately, the rise of names such as Madoff, Geithner, Bernanke, are not exactly inspiring confidence in the business practices of the chosen race.

Enough, genug jetzt, don`t just take my word, check out a voice of reality and sanity, and let`s not take life too seriously.

"Flabbergasted?" (Alternative, possibly slightly unkosher comedy:)

Th outside of the ink box.

Nothing to say on this one.... butt!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Cynical lines.

Standing next to the printing press,
With notes-a-plenty piled to the roof,
Their fingers all stained, a veritable mess,
Disdainfull snorts, empty hollow denials of sorts,
The bankers, politicians their advisers, the courts...

Whilst all the while, with little understanding or guile,
We taxpayers and workers pay for this farce and smile,
Quantative easing and wars for oil ,
No dissent or protest allowed.

They`ve got battleships, bombs, submarines,snipers and tasers,
Listening devices, surveillance cameras, protection teams and lasers,
More than just an ongoing financial farce,
The whole bloody thing`s a pain in t`arse.

Friday, February 27, 2009

From within.

Is there a soul? Are there those who can prove the existence of individual souls, do nations have souls?
What about animals?
Questions of anatomy, philosophy and religious dogma, to which the written answers would filll many libraries.
Where do souls come from and go to, what is "Soul music"....?
For the soul, if such a thing exists, then the tune "Chain gang" is one of the best.

La Mer. Charles Trénet

Music from a gentle source. Pictures of a gentle sea.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lest we forget.

Most people have seen this picture..., the followers of zionism push and squirm like a beligerent mendicant , into the land of Palestine, squeeezing out the Palestinians and swelling, growing in size and expanding until...
Until when? Until what?

Every event and process has its` end, no-one in the world could want this militarised expansion to continue, it is no more than an armed invasion, with an unrelenting principle of eradicating all and any resistance.
Not unlike the Anglo-american invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, whose aims and atrocities are no longer quite so obscure.
Control of the planets` oil reserves and minerals, control of the labour and manufacturing, control of the currencies, maintaining the position of the elites, with their castles and concubines, their servants and offshore accounts, and for the majority, thereby ensuring the continuance of poverty and strife.
I`d say that based upon the current state of finances in the West, that we are out of cash..., and with not much "oil and ore", that borrowing against future earnings is futile, the main products that we manufacture are now...debt and war.

These days, the other side, the Russo/Sino/Asian/Moslem/Latino/Left/ are not buying so much of it.

One European study group postulates that within a few weeks, given the current direction of state borrowings, the dollar will begin to slide, then crash before the end of this year.

Have the Chinese and Russians conspired to defeat us? Or like so many empires before us, have we wasted our children and treasure on the mindless pursuit of absolute power?
Then there are the trappings of imagined wealth, much of it achieved by using debt and armed force.
We built homes for ourselves, we dressed in fine clothes, ate food from across the world ....( and sent armies to oversee the acquisition of "oil wells and gold mines").

The greater game continues, if the US, (or even the UK) descends into social unrest, who will assume/maintain control of the military...with all its` costly personel and systems?
Indeed, with mounting numbers of homeless and unemployed, the whole world should question not only the cost, but the "purpose" of so much military spending.

A circumstance that might encompass Britain along the trail to depression and unrest. Without doubt, Israel will loose some of its` financial and military support... will it be sufficient to reign in and defeat their miltaries???... Will this year see the last gruesome moves of a beligerent beast?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Nothing new, nothing to see.

Seems like the war machine is the biggest, single, most important, vital issue in the budget of the american empire, and if truth be told, the Brits are overly militarised as well, in their vain pursuit of glories gone.
Around a trillion dollars per annum, which is going to be hard to maintain, given the rising unemployment.

Looking at the balance sheets of the American banks, one certainly wonders what those exotic fiscal expressions might come to mean.

Toxic debt.
Default swaps.
Short naked selling.

I have no idea how those little games will affect the ordinary person, but if they were on offer at a party, or any social gathering, I`d check my clothes and my wallet, and then run.

Credit Exposure to Capital ratio. Amounts in $Millions

If, as most financial commentators suggest, the finances of America are about to fail, as are those of Britain, and much of Europe, then it would surely follow that with proportionately lesser revenue stream from the wealth-generating middle-classes, the militaries must also cut back on their spending.

Or has the militarised world got a one last final big surge advance plan operation to finally overcome the evil terrorist liberal hippy drug takin` free lovin` left thinking socialised educated non-violent folk.

Obama has a plan called "Strangelove", or at least the military has one for him to save the world, first you just have to destroy it a little.

Of course, then there`s the drugs, in particular, the heroin.
Strange how much is made of how the Taliban control the trade in Afghanistan.

Strange how little progress is made in finding those who traffic between the Himilayan hillsides and the streets of America and Britain.

One hard-working lady did investigate and record the facts. (Click/Respect to the Blog "Against all enemies.")

Once again, the military are there, not destroying the drugs and arresting the traders, but assisting and protecting the trade itself, in exchange for "items of a sensitive nature.".... Like cash, weapons and self-preservation.

The plot thickens, and as we head towards international bankruptcy and social unrest, one must ask if the capitalist system itself is going to survive, or will a new world order emerge from the present battle.
Will Israel be "obliterated"?
Will Europeans continue with strikes and protest?
Will the US descend into financial chaos and social disorder?

One thing is certain, the days of conspicuous consumption and warmongering are coming to a close, either we shut down the bomb makers, or they are going to take us with them, in one great extinctive flash.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

War crimes, same as always.

Taken from the blog of Carlos Latuff, click on post title for link.
The evidence is there, the courts are functioning, all that is needed is a warrant and an officer, and an adequate level of global support.

Joining the dots of facism.

"Joining the dots" is often a useful tool of thinking.
Crime too, is often detected by joining together various pieces of evidence and information.

So, in the interest of anyone who passes through this portal, and still believes that the Anglo-centric world is one of fairy tales and happy endings...Wake up.

Those who financed and directed the second world war were absent from the war crimes tribunals that followed, it was most certainly the "Victors` justice."

Europe lost over 30 million people, bombed and burned, starved, crippled and beset with trepidation. Cities and infrastructure lay devastated and broken.

To the East were the Russians, whilst conveniently scattered in the West were Europe`s new found allies, the Americans.
Ideology and rhetoric from both sides seemed ready to start another war, with nuclear weapons on the battlefield, we lived under a shadow of instant cremation.

So who dunnit, why, and how?

Who were the leaders who took us to the brink of self-destruction? Was it an inherent racism within our people and their politicians, or was it, as most might agree, the pressure from the arms manufacturers and their cohorts in the corporate world.

As shown, Standard oil and the Rockerfellers were very much in support of Hitler and his attempt to invade Russia.... We should never forget that there were others who gave support to the Fascists.

Henry Ford, who had no qualms about using slave workers.

General Motors, who supplied troop carriers...

General Electric, kept the power running.

ITT developed a formidable communication system. Land, sea and air, as well as producing fuses for bombs and rockets,, it also owned part of Focke-Wolfe, whose aircraft bombed the cities of Britain.

IBM, organised the railway timetables, and the listing of European Jews.

Wall St., too many names to mention., the Bush/Harriman connection is well recorded, however, even more audacious was the support of so many well known financial entities, including Rockefellers` financial arm, the Chase(Manhattan) bank.

Officially, all the guilty stood trial at Nuremburg, sadly, they were not the sole driving force of this prolonged and cruel fascist war, merely the footsoldiers.

Thanks to all those who wrote the original reports cited in the "links", the picture comes into frame.

Monday, January 12, 2009

My dad, and Adolf Hitler.

When I arrived on this planet,(`52) the second world war had not long concluded.

It was however, in Europe, still the subject of debate, and the focus of many films and books, most of which sought to describe the events as being something that the dastardly Nazis had dreamed up, planned, financed and entered into completely without any other outside help..

We were led to think that all alone, from within his own fiendish brain, Adolf Hitler had come up with a plan that entailed rounding up all the Gipsies and Jews,, plus the communists,the disabled and the mentally ill, then forcing them to produce arms and munitions whilst they looted the art treasures of Europe. Which is far from the truth, as we have come to see.

My late father was just 18 years old at the outbreak of hostilities, a trainee clerk at an East London Jewish foodstuffs importer, and was called to defend "The Capital", along with thousands more unwitting "patriots" perched on top of an office block in Central London, with an "Ack Ack" gun, instructed to shoot at the aeroplanes that bombed London for months on end.

In `44, he was sent to the battle across Germany, (via Normandy), which is when he began to realise that maybe, just maybe, all was not as portrayed by the media of that era.

He never really got over it,the poor man, bless him. Depression, Arthritis, bouts of anger, weeks and weeks of silent bed-ridden suffering.

He strongly argued against any form of warfare, which was a brave thing to do back in those times, allthough he was Welsh, and Welsh -speaking, he also spoke a small amount of German, somehow perhaps, that tempered his view of the event.

Occasionally, we would talk about the war, and I came to believe that he had realised that there were "other things" that were behind the hostilities, particularly the aftermath of the war, when the Soviets took over much of Eastern Europe, their socialist empire being the counter to the capitalist advances of the West. In one word...Oil.

So when I first read the explanations given below, a multitude of "little facts" began to connect themselves.... How the Germans obtained finance and fuel, why they attacked the Russians (The main objective), and above all, why America came into the battle.

The part played by the Rockerfeller family should be examined, and if necessary brought further into public examination.

I`m most grateful to a German website that has posted the following non-Hollywood appraisal of some of the factors that drove millions of ordinary Europeans to war, and for so many, many unfortunates, untold suffering and their death.

Thanks to Gaby Weber...

The Russian Revolution installed a new global order. Until 1917, the Europeans were in command of the world. Then the US corporates wanted to get in the global business, above all, John D. Rockefeller who founded Standard Oil in 1870. In 1879 he merged the Vacuum Company and many other firms until 1911, when the Trust was desolved and broken into many smaller companies. But the Rockefeller family
maintained power in the oil business.

At that time, petroleum was produced in two places, in Texas and in Baku, in the Caucasus. The Russian oilfields were owned by the Nobel and Rothschild families who lost their assets with October Revolution. “In summer 1918, Mr. Nobel flew from the Soviets and begged the German emperor Wilhelm to help him to conquer his assets back”, says the historian Dietrich Eichholtz. But thinking about “conquer” wasn’t possible with an unarmed German Republic.

The interest of the Rockefeller family were identical with the interest of Deutsche Bank. And after WW1, their shares of the „Turkish Petroleum Company“ were transferred as „enemy property“ to France. For many years, the Deutsche Bank tried to litigate against this expropriation, but finally they realized that there wouldn’t be any chance on the legal front. There is strong evidence to suggest that approximately in 1927, Deutsche Bank and Standard Oil made a secret pact aimed at bringing Hitler to power in order to conquer the Oil of Baku. Standard Oil promised to supply the fuel.
In 1927, Standard Oil and IG Farben founded the company „Standard IG Farben“; president was the oil dealer William Farish from Texas. Standard passed to IG Farben the patents about the coal hydrogenation processes and the Germans gave them the patents how to manufacture synthetic rubber...

Read on (CLICK), for a realistic view of Europe and the "oil wars", numbers one and two.

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Link to article by Stephen Lendman.

The video may not be there for long, as war is the worst censor of all.
No matter how much spin is laid upon us by the media, the fact remains that Israel is dropping bombs on women and children,without justification. They have become the worst of human forms, that of the tyrant.

Friday, January 02, 2009

The letter.

Here is an open letter, written by a former world leader, to every american perhaps, but especially directed at the incoming leader of the United States, Mr. B. Obama.
I`d certainly agree with most, if not all of it.

January 1, 2009

Dear Mr. President,

I did not vote for you in the Presidential Election because I am Malaysian.

But I consider myself one of your constituents because what you do or say will affect me and my country as well.

I welcome your promise for change. Certainly your country, the United States of America needs a lot of changes.

That is because America and Americans have become the most hated people in the world. Even Europeans dislike your arrogance. Yet you were once admired and liked because you freed a lot of countries from conquest and subjugation.

It is the custom on New Year's day for people to make resolutions. You must have listed your good resolutions already. But may I politely suggest that you also resolve to do the following in pursuit of Change.

1) Stop killing people. The United States is too fond of killing people in order to achieve its objectives. You call it war, but today's wars are not about professional soldiers fighting and killing each other. It is about killing people, ordinary innocent people by the hundreds of thousands. Whole countries will be devastated.

War is primitive, the cavemen's way of dealing with a problem. Stop your arms build up and your planning for future wars.

2) Stop indiscriminate support of Israeli killers with your money and your weapons. The planes and the bombs killing the people of Gaza are from you.

3) Stop applying sanctions against countries which cannot do the same against you.

In Iraq your sanctions killed 500,000 children through depriving them of medicine and food. Others were born deformed.

What have you achieved with this cruelty? Nothing except the hatred of the victims and right-thinking people.

4) Stop your scientists and researchers from inventing new and more diabolical weapons to kill more people more efficiently.

5) Stop your arms manufacturers from producing them. Stop your sales of arms to the world. It is blood money that you earn. It is un-Christian.

6) Stop trying to democratize all the countries of the world. Democracy may work for the United States but it does not always work for other countries.

Don't kill people because they are not democratic. Your crusade to democratize countries has killed more people than the authoritarian Governments which you overthrew. And you have not succeeded anyway.

7) Stop the casinos which you call financial institutions. Stop hedge funds, derivatives and currency trading. Stop banks from lending non-existent money by the billions.

Regulate and supervise your banks. Jail the miscreants who made profits from abusing the system.

8) Sign the Kyoto Protocol and other international agreements.

9) Show respect for the United Nations.

I have many other resolutions for change which I think you should consider and undertake.

But I think you have enough on your plate for this 2009th year of the Christian Era.

If you can do only a few of what I suggest, you will be remembered by the world as a great leader. Then the United States will again be the most admired nation. Your embassies will be able to take down the high fences and razor-wire coils that surround them.

May I wish you a Happy New Year and a great Presidency.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad

(Former Prime Minister of Malaysia)

Link to original