Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hypocrites assemble.

In the city of Copenhagen, the illustrious and powerful are gathering to pronounce their opinions on "global warming"...or "climate change", and it appears that the ever-increasing consumption of fossil fuels is giving rise to a larger "carbon footprint".
The solution, according to some will be a "carbon-permit trading scheme."

A tax on consumption, the revenue that will be collected and administered by the same clever people who brought in "credit default swaps"(link...)
Good story here, from a young lady in New York.

Whilst telling us to be frugal and mindfull of our consumption, the stewards of our society are themselves living way beyond "our means". Some might call it a blatant plot to transfer yet more hard-earned capital from the pockets of the workers to the bank accounts of the elites and their sleazy servants.
Politicians do not create wealth, they only tax it!

In London, no less a news outlet than the Daily Telegraph picks up on the numbers involved that enabled this conference.

Caviar, limousines, private jets, luxury hotels, and prostitutes.....these hypocrites are not fooling anyone.

Nobody begrudges taxes, when they are used wisely, for roads, schools, hospitals, the disabled, our fire and police services etc, etc.
Indeed, "from each according to ability and to each according to need", a Marxism, but in the case of taxation, a sound ethic.
So why do these charlatans need to be "ensconced in luxury"?

Their carbon footprint comes from the shoe of conspicuous consumption!


an average patriot said...

Good one Landsker! I have not heard from you since you said you were going fishing? Make the poor sacrifice, what's new?

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
How`s yourself?

Yep, same old story, politicians and their followers living "the good life", and expecting the taxpayer to support their capricious lifestyle.

Fishing`s not been so good this year, might search for other work after the winter... getting too old for salt water and cold winds.