Friday, July 31, 2009


In global terms, the French are never far from centre stage, like the Brits and Germans, they no longer appear in need of ruling the world, but just the same, there`s still that sense of personal ambition that gave us Napoleon, Sartre, Piaf, the french resistance, champagne and ...french fries.

A French comedian is "raising steam", with a routine that sees a dark and twisted chuckle in the events of September 11.

In French with English subtitles.

By the way, M. Bigard is a chum of M. Sarkozy, who apparently was not amused with a prod at the "official version"....... which led to an open debate on national television, and a somewhat serious illumination of that days` atrocities.....

Here`s the programme, again, French with subtitles, but entertaining!

Similar discussions, with scientists and journalists are starting to emerge on other European television stations....How long? one wonders, before an unfettered discussion reaches American soil.


Helicon said...

All falsehoods and arguments from personal incredulity and, unfortunately, no physical evidence for an inside job.

No wonder the 'truth' movement hasn't accomplished anything in 8 years time.

an average patriot said...

That's funny! I guess we aren't the only ones that question events.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and although no-planers are poisoning the well for the 'regular' twoofers, no-one is able to convince them as well -- they're just as certain and persistent.

I think that this in itself is a good indication that most, if not all, conspiracy thinking is without merit and the result, I think, of some psychological phenomenon that people aren't able to except what's obvious or logical in regard to a huge event with great, sometimes life-changing, consequences.

I mean just look at the moon landings; JFK; the holocaust; Pearl Harbor, you name it.

zjeraar said...

Most of these questions regarding 9/11 have been answered before. You just have to know where to look and you have to WANT to look at sites that present counter information.

911myths and the JREF forum are always good places to start.

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
There`s a few figures, including several retired military officers, starting to openly call for a new inquiry into the attacks, Bigard is a brave chap... he`s had several threats to his life, and to his career, but vows he will continue.

Helicon, Anon et Zeerar, there`s no end of theories ... alleged and supposed conspiracies that differ from the "official version".

Personally, I`m keeping an open mind, and the fact that a mainstream television channel in France elects to air a discussion that calls for a new investigation is interesting...

After all, maybe the 19 Arabs had help on the inside, with magic mirrors...who knows?