Thursday, July 23, 2009

Western winds.

Wind here today near Pembroke...South by West, 20 knots, weather...cloudy, with occasional showers.

The politicians are taking a summer recess, and seem to have left us with swine-flu and the war on terrorism, an economy in hibernation, all overseen by experts appointed by commitees...

In recession-hit Spain, there`s an economic plan which is causing some problems.

Whilst in the Northern Europe, Denmark is leading the field in escaping the costs and consequences of non-renewable energy production, with around 20 percent of electricity coming from "windmills" lesser amounts of hydro and solar... who knows, perhaps there is some sense in a maddened world.

When the wind is blowing, the lights are


betmo said...

there are places in the world who manage to live decent and full lives in spite of america and britain and their need for greed. not saying it's denmark but hey, maybe it is. meanwhile here in the states- chaos and implosion continue unabated...

an average patriot said...

Hi Landsker
Robberies along with domestic violence murders cop shootings and everything else bad is up here too.

I don't remember Denmark as being particularly winy but I did and do love their use of the wind. We could really take advantage of it here and I wish we would. T Boone Pickens had a great plan but for some reason it was scrapped!

landsker said...

Hi Betmo,
We in the UK/US really do seem to be tied into the over-emphasis of militarised solutions to the "problems" of other nations.
Not exactly the beacons of equality and peaceful tolerance..
Perhaps it is the constant involvement of our nations in "official" armed combat that has brought so much agression and crime into our own culture.
Maybe emmigration is an answer;)allthough if we could adopt some energy tips from the Danes, (along with financial advice from the Swiss,) and things might start to improve.
Hi Jim,
Denmark isn`t overly windy, but they have made good use of what is there, also, plans are being considered to deliver all-electric cars, which could be re-charged at night...the future does seem "electric".
The US has a growing wind-farm industry, and is doing much with solar panels too... but will it grow fast enough to replace the demand for coal and oil, and who will own and operate the turbines??