Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Palestine , written and read by Khulood, a 12 year old Palestinian girl, bless her.

My name is Palestine
I wrote my name at all fields
with a unique font greater than all titles
The letters of my name, the letters of my name, live inside me, feed me, spread the soul and fire inside my body
The mountains of the river, knows me well
I spent all my power and ask my nation help
And Saladin was calling, calling inside me

And my Arabic origin is asking me for freedom and revenge
And those flags which were folded at Hatiin (battle)
And the caller of Al Aqsa Masjid (mosque) is calling for help
And thousands of prisoners are calling for help
Calling the greater nation and calling for millions
Go to Al Quds(Jerusalem),
to a war where the oppressed are, to stop the injustice of the Zionism, and raise the flag of Palestine
My words will remain the same
Palestine, Palestine, Palestine

It, (War in Iraq, Afghanistan, war on terror, etc) all seems to come back to the question of Palestine, the invasion of which was a somewhat convoluted affair.
The differences between Jews and non-jews have existed for thousands of years, but now with nuclear weapons involved, the debate has become the focus of attention for anyone who lives downwind!
The European jews who moved there from Europe claimed ownership as they had "suffered" under the Germans, and say that the land was given to them by "god".

Forgetting, conveniently, that European jews were never descended from the original Semitics, they were converts to the religion.

History and research tell us that the invasion and subsequent occupation of Palestine was engineered to suit the dreams of the Rothschilds, who saw Israel as a centre for World government and... and all that oil and gas would be an ancillary benefit, of course, the borders of Israel are a "moveable feast", always edging towards the oil fields of Iraq and Iran.
Once the "new Israelis" arrived, they set about harrassing and evicting the Palestinians, until as shown by this years invasion of Gaza, (condemned by the UN as a war crime) they have sunk to the deepest depths of murder and wilfull destruction.
It`s easy to see now, each few years, the "israelis" expand their territory, even Jerusalem is being ethnically cleansed, as the Israelis rattle their sabres on the way to war with Iran.

Will such a war embroil the whole world...?

Or, in the event of the Israelis bombing the nuclear facilities of Iran, (hypocritically with reactors and nuclear weapons of their own.) will the US simply allow the Iranians, with their Chinese and Russian missiles to "wipe the zionists from the face of the earth",
Thus the problem is solved, the USS Liberty is avenged, and America slips loose of the empires` leash.

The poem moved me to tears, something about the feeling in the voice, the trembling as she fights back the tears.....

But being moved with no response is no way to live...,

Here`s a link to a website that calls for an economic boycott of all the corporations that support Israel, or profit from the occupation.
"With us, or against us".


Vancouver BC realtor said...

nice article. that poem made mi think of the world where one country could bomb nuclear facilities of the other. i hoped this threat ended with the cold war. obviously i was wrong. jay

landsker said...

Hi Jay,
How are you? The ins and outs of the cold war are now coming to light, it seems that perhaps the Chinese and Russians were not so much interested in attacking the West, but in defending their territory.
It does look like we are into the final rounds of a very long fight.
Let`s hope diplomacy and politics will defuse the almost-armaggeddon that we have at present.