Monday, October 05, 2009

Ending war.

So what happens next... the Taliban are seemingly all powerful and unrelenting, the American military and NATO are now the most expensive the world has ever seen, and want more funds, but confess they are loosing both in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The war machine wants build... more means of destruction, an oxymoronic affair indeed.

But there we are, why build and sell tractors for 10 K, when army jeeps fetch a hundred K, why produce hammers and chisels, when machine guns and rifles fetch a thousand times the price.

Why train teachers, or doctors for the good of the entire community, when soldiers and airmen will bring the power of life and death to their masters.

But sooner or later, politicians all realise that warmongering is a dangerous game, and with no real progress in Afghanistan, Obama has very little time before the cost of the American military becomes a topic of public discussion.

The price of an armoured troop carrier approaches a million or so bucks, jeeps like the hummer cost less, whilst helicopters fetch 20 milion or more.

All from the hard working taxpayer, whilst the roadside bomb costs the Talibans just 50 bucks or so, and is raised from "donations".

Britain/Westminster is spending billions too, and still has no specific mandate or objective.

"Get the terrorists"... "Stop the extremists", are hardly well thought out reasons for occupying a country that for the most part seems to support the ejection of foreign troops. After the obviously corrupt elections in Kabul, the notion of bringing democracy is another transparent falsehood.

Meanwhile, back at the bankers banquet.

Looks like most of the "change" has ended up in the pockets of the rich.


Paul said...

Every time they need more money or troops, they say they're losing because they know that Merkins hate to lose. To the Generals, it's all a game and even though they really are losing, they continue with their charade. Years of indoctrination have left them with zero ability to look at themselves objectively.
Why are we even there anymore? The Generals don't know and if they do, they're not sharing it with General Public. Bin Ladin isn't there anymore nor is Al Queida. Ah, but the plans for the pipeline are still there. Maybe they figure if they stay long enough, we'll all forget that it's all about the oil.

landsker said...

Hi Paul,
In some ways, it reminds me of the film "Apocolypse now", with a totally mad general hiding from reality, convinced that war is the only answer...
Life copies art, and for the professional soldier, it must be almost impossible to conceive a political solution to war, it would mean the end of his career.
An end to the war would mean the closing down of the munitions factories, the aerospace industry would for the oil companies, their supplies of crude would/will be priced in other currencies besides the greenback.