Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thoughts that cross the water.

Have you ever gone to the `phone, thinking I`ll call *^^&*, and suddenly as you do, the ring tones sound, and there`s the very person, with the same notion in mind.

Is it the power of thought, or just a coincidence?

Did you ever wonder how millions of migratory birds can agree to meet, twice a year at the same place and time, to fly across continents and between nations?..

Anyway.....looking at two articles on the internet, one from Britain, the other from the US, one might ask if the writers were aware of each other, or is it just a coincidence of thought and time.

From Texas the voice of Len Hart:

FACT TIME: there is only ONE justification for war under International Law and that is ''imminent threat'.
I say file capital charges against George W. Bush, his guilty staff and the Pentagon brass who knowingly and willing planned the entire heist on behalf of big oil!

I say charge every member of the Dick Cheney 'Energy Task Force' for planning it all, literally carving up the oil fields of Iraq before the all-too-convenient Riechstag Fire called 911 gave them the broad and wide ranging pretext to begin a perpetual war in which the US would plunder the Middle East."

Full text.

More moderate, but with the same tone, in London, writing about Afghanistan in the Guardian newspaper, from the columnist Simon Jenkins....

Not calling for the politicians and generals to be charged and tried, but it seems that the same conclusion is reached;

That our armed forces are no longer defending the interests and safety of the taxpayer, but instead are serving the greed of the oil barons and defending the stagnant ineptitude of politicians.

"...We have blown $230bn of US and UK taxpayers' money and left 1,463 soldiers dead. Everything has been tried, from gender awareness courses to carpet-bombing Tora Bora......
...The West is not under any threat that remotely justifies this wreckage. Instead, weak politicians, bored by domestic ills, have seized on any passing threat to boost their standing at home by fighting small wars abroad and making them big...
..Western leaders seem unable to resist the seduction of military power.

Original article here.

The military wants more soldiers, more weapons, more drones, more helicopters, tanks, more more more, but perhaps, in terms of meeting the realities of less developed nations, the time has come for the West to consider sending architects, bricklayers, carpenters, engineers, electricians, plumbers, doctors, nurses, teachers.....

In return, maybe the human race will start travelling in the same direction at the same time.

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