Friday, October 09, 2009

The message from Hakimullah Mehsud.

Hakimullah Meshud is a leader of the Taliban in Pakistan, supposedly killed by a drone, or was it a missile, or.... anyway, he`s still alive, and would like Obama to withdraw all his troops from Muslim soil.
If not, he says, "send two million, and it will still not be enough."

The military solution from the US/NATO is doing nothing except wasting the blood of young soldiers, leaving many of them as amputees and /or mentally incapacitated and billions of taxpayer funds on armaments and weapons that after eight long and wasted years have brought neither peace nor stability, nor even an honest election...but of course, without war, the generals would have no career, and the arms manufacturers would have no markets.

Hakimullah has also constantly affirmed that his only goal is to drive out all invading troops, and nothing more.
His methods, the roadside bomb, and the ambush are typical of guerilla tactics the world over... the IRA against the British, Castro and Guevara in Cuba, the Algerian resistance against the French, and of course, in some ways, the Vietcong.

The location, tactics and timing are always in his control, a first rule of warfare.

In the clip, Mehsud appears with his retinue, their demeanour has an air, a spirit that exudes self-confidence, but without the swagger of most military enclaves.

Nothing radical or new in his tactics, except that he believes fervently that he represents the views of almost 1.5 billion Muslims, many of whom are exceptionally wealthy.
Along with the news that the Chinese, French, Russians and most Arab oil producers are calling for an end the dollar dominance in oil trade, it looks like it`s time for America and Nato to consider withdrawal, before they bankrupt their citizens.


an average patriot said...

I thought Hakimnllah was dead but no biggie! I happen to agree with him and so does Obama. I am happy to see Obama is listening to Max Cleland and Biden not Republicans.

Obama will ad a few more specialized troops but now says the Taliban can be part of the Afghan Government.

They should be they are4 not the enemy Al Qaeda is and the Taliban said they will keep them out. I can now see victory there and it does not include defeating the Taliban!

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
Hope you`re OK, the news that Obabma will talk to the Talebans might be reason he got the Nobel prize... and if he does succeed in talking through a political solution,rather than subjecting the NATO/US to a battlefield defeat....then we will all be better off.

Everyone`s a winner, except for the manufacturers of munitions and weapons.

The war hawks get to eat humble pie, but without an ongoing war, the arms factories will loose sales, and have to lay off workers.
But there we are, let`s hope the Pentagon falls into line.

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