Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Culminative opinion.

On the 11th of this month, a small crowd gathered outside the London headquarters of the BBC, to protest the lack of coverage concerning new evidence that has emerged concerning the infamous events of "9/11".

The BBC did not cover the protest, allthough the "Guardian" did.

After telephoning the BBC themselves, I was told that they had "No comment, not to bloggers..."

Undoubtedly, with so many British troops being killed and injured in Afghanistan, any revelations concerning 9/11 might result in a serious backlash amongst military families.

As would be the case in the US, even more so, if allegations of government collusion are proven.

Previously, I`ve posted videos of TV programmes in France
and Denmark.
Mainstream national TV stations have a huge power to influence people, and are normally kept in check by their governments, so to broadcast what amounts to allegations of murder and cover-up by the US government is indeed taking a bold step.

Now the Norwegians and the Russians have also broadcast refutations to the official story...

From Russia with love...

The normally staid and unimpulsive Norwegians have been watching too.

So what next?
When will mainstrean media in the US invite its` citrizens to consider that the attack on New York was not carried out by radical Muslims?

When will the american generals turn their firepower on the real perpetrators?

Of course, the foreign media might be making up stories, but somehow I doubt it.

I don`t pretend to know what happened exactly on that morning, but if so many journalists in so many countries are broadcasting their doubts, then it must be time to take the devil by the horns and present the question to Obama himself.

Hi Mr Obama.

What say you?....

One thing for sure, in any talks that American officials have with other nations, unless and until, the real truth of 9/11 is dealt with, the American military and political establishment is without credence.

One suspects that in higher circles, the game may be already over, because if "It wasn`t the Muslims..."


betmo said...

did planes fly into new york and washington? yep. but who was behind the plan? i firmly believe it was our own government. but here in america, i am branded crazy, a conspiracy theorist. why? is it so difficult to look at the bigger picture and see a pattern? looking at the way everything was handled before, after and during- i have a hard time believing it was ineptitude. and yet, i hear fellow left leaning folks wishing folks like me would just shut up. we are 'hurting the cause' for what- i haven't figured out because the batshit crazies on the right want us dead anyway. these folks will not see that the reason that our congress and white house are catering to the right- isn't spineless- it's greed. these folks don't realize that these people don't answer to voters- they answer to their corporate overlords. once you see the big picture, you see what their moves are and why- and it makes much more sense. read naomi klein's book 'the shock doctrine' it's pretty much all there.

Helicon said...

Landsker, you don't like opposing viewpoints, do you?

You say you haven't got the slightest clue about what happened that morning, then why do you continue to write about 9/11 as if it was highly suspicious?

"Mainstream national TV stations (...) are normally kept in check by their governments (...)"

Oh, please Landsker. You have no idea. Stop writing down this non-sense.

landsker said...

Hi Betmo,
Indeed, most of the world saw the two planes crash, and the subsequent free-fall collapse of the three buildings.
Apart from the one at the Pentagon, of which there are no pictures...(:.
Now, it seems that the European TV stations and media are not so beholden to Wall st or the Pentagon, and see fit to raise serious doubts about the "official version".
Haven`t read Naomi Klein, but due a holiday soon, so might take it along.
The rest of the world is moving away from the idea that all muslims are terrorists, I think that each day, more americans are loosing patience with the Military machine, and see that political solutions rather than military battles are the way to unite the world.

landsker said...

Hallo again Helicon,
How are you?
Actually, opposing viewpoints, or the deconstruction of semantics is a pastime in which it possibly behoves us all to undertake from time to time.
In an appropriate and dignified manner of course.....
No, I don`t know exactly what happened to New York, but I`d not want it to happen again...and like the reporters who raise questions in the aforementioned TV programmes, I`m slightly somewhat sceptical as to the truth of the pronouncements of the Bush press releases.
And do you have a blog yourself? or do you just visit others to condemn and cajole.
Bonne, merci, au revoir pour maintenant, mon petit fleur, cache-toi dans tes reves.. eh.

Helicon said...

Landsker, this is how the mainstream media works: if they wouldn't do a story on how their government is proven to be complicit in one thing or another, another news outlet (from perhaps another country) would surely cover it, making the first loose all credibility. The way you outlined it, is how media works in dictatorial regimes, and partially in Italy of course, but not in your average democracy.

My main point is this: the real truth has been dealt with. I gave you reasons... No, better yet, I showed you evidence for most, if not all, of the doubts. Yet you shrugged it off, without presenting proper argumentation.

Oh, and WTC 1 and 2 didn't fall in free-fall speed. How else would its own chunks of debris reach the floor before the collapse would?

Well, au revoir, I guess.

landsker said...

Au revoir, ma petite choux, I`m just the messenger, like everyone else, juste en passant, avec mes paroles.

Helicon said...

Then you probably won't mind I'll be the commenter, correcting the falsehoods you might write concerning 9/11.

an average patriot said...

You can forget about the truth ever being told here. When the truth is hit it is dismissed as conspiracy theory.

Helicon said...

I can't say I agree.

Maintaining one's common sense and logic, watching out for logical fallacies, discerning opinions and evidence and leaving out one's own political viewpoint are the key when digging into both sides of the story.

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
Well, up to now, the mainstream american media has certainly shied away, even if the bloggers and academics have not... but all across the rest of the world, the topic is not fading from interest.

Here`s a short but damning interview with a former head of US intelligence... Major-General Albert Stubblebine....
German television broadcast.

When such a high-ranking military figure rubbishes the official version, there will be hopefully a few more officers that will follow him.

Helicon said...
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Helicon said...

So now, who really is Albert Stubblebine?

It always pays to just dig a little deeper.

Damn, I definitely going to add The Men Who Stare at Goats to my list of books to read!

landsker said...
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