Saturday, January 03, 2009


Link to article by Stephen Lendman.

The video may not be there for long, as war is the worst censor of all.
No matter how much spin is laid upon us by the media, the fact remains that Israel is dropping bombs on women and children,without justification. They have become the worst of human forms, that of the tyrant.


an average patriot said...

Hi Landsker
I missed this! I have been occupied on a new civilian nedia site. Hope you had a Happy New Year and all is well!
You have followed my stuff! It is an old but denied fact that iraq was attacked to go after Iran. Gaza is going to supply the excuse they have been incessantly looking for.
This will not end ! The entire middle east has to be engulfed as I keep saying then the world will be embroiled. Remember my discussions of the Forever war? It is coming!

Paul said...

Hi Landsker!
Back in the blogosphere after a 3 month layoff. How are you?
Looks like Obama's going to turn out to be as big a turd as bush eh?

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
It becomes more and more obvious that a full scale war is what both the Pentagon and the Israelis would welcome.
It might be the only thing that could divert attention from the shrinking economies and rising unemployment..
However, after the events of the last 60 years, I reckon global opinion is firmly against the "Zionist USUK cabal".

Hi Paul
Good to see you back, I`m OK, allthough I do wonder when the madness of war will be constrained and consigned to history...
Yeah, Obama seems a wee bit too good to be true, doesn`t he.
However, maybe we will be suprised, come the 21st of January.
He might just order the suspension of all military activities, stop the production of armaments, and then arrest the domestic perpetrators of 9/11, and also all the senior militaries and politicians who support Israel.
Later that day, or on the 22nd, he could decriminalise personal drug use, and order an amnesty for all those currently incarcerated.
Then there`s social security and ...religion..Ah well :).

Helicon said...

"...and then arrest the domestic perpetrators of 9/11..."

I have the feeling you're not letting reality stand in your way of your general political stance.

Sadly, this seems to be the case not only regarding the 11th of September, but also regarding journalism, the military etc.

But I guess this is what happens when one resides at either of the the outer sides of the spectrum of political beliefs.