Saturday, January 17, 2009

Joining the dots of facism.

"Joining the dots" is often a useful tool of thinking.
Crime too, is often detected by joining together various pieces of evidence and information.

So, in the interest of anyone who passes through this portal, and still believes that the Anglo-centric world is one of fairy tales and happy endings...Wake up.

Those who financed and directed the second world war were absent from the war crimes tribunals that followed, it was most certainly the "Victors` justice."

Europe lost over 30 million people, bombed and burned, starved, crippled and beset with trepidation. Cities and infrastructure lay devastated and broken.

To the East were the Russians, whilst conveniently scattered in the West were Europe`s new found allies, the Americans.
Ideology and rhetoric from both sides seemed ready to start another war, with nuclear weapons on the battlefield, we lived under a shadow of instant cremation.

So who dunnit, why, and how?

Who were the leaders who took us to the brink of self-destruction? Was it an inherent racism within our people and their politicians, or was it, as most might agree, the pressure from the arms manufacturers and their cohorts in the corporate world.

As shown, Standard oil and the Rockerfellers were very much in support of Hitler and his attempt to invade Russia.... We should never forget that there were others who gave support to the Fascists.

Henry Ford, who had no qualms about using slave workers.

General Motors, who supplied troop carriers...

General Electric, kept the power running.

ITT developed a formidable communication system. Land, sea and air, as well as producing fuses for bombs and rockets,, it also owned part of Focke-Wolfe, whose aircraft bombed the cities of Britain.

IBM, organised the railway timetables, and the listing of European Jews.

Wall St., too many names to mention., the Bush/Harriman connection is well recorded, however, even more audacious was the support of so many well known financial entities, including Rockefellers` financial arm, the Chase(Manhattan) bank.

Officially, all the guilty stood trial at Nuremburg, sadly, they were not the sole driving force of this prolonged and cruel fascist war, merely the footsoldiers.

Thanks to all those who wrote the original reports cited in the "links", the picture comes into frame.

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