Monday, January 12, 2009

My dad, and Adolf Hitler.

When I arrived on this planet,(`52) the second world war had not long concluded.

It was however, in Europe, still the subject of debate, and the focus of many films and books, most of which sought to describe the events as being something that the dastardly Nazis had dreamed up, planned, financed and entered into completely without any other outside help..

We were led to think that all alone, from within his own fiendish brain, Adolf Hitler had come up with a plan that entailed rounding up all the Gipsies and Jews,, plus the communists,the disabled and the mentally ill, then forcing them to produce arms and munitions whilst they looted the art treasures of Europe. Which is far from the truth, as we have come to see.

My late father was just 18 years old at the outbreak of hostilities, a trainee clerk at an East London Jewish foodstuffs importer, and was called to defend "The Capital", along with thousands more unwitting "patriots" perched on top of an office block in Central London, with an "Ack Ack" gun, instructed to shoot at the aeroplanes that bombed London for months on end.

In `44, he was sent to the battle across Germany, (via Normandy), which is when he began to realise that maybe, just maybe, all was not as portrayed by the media of that era.

He never really got over it,the poor man, bless him. Depression, Arthritis, bouts of anger, weeks and weeks of silent bed-ridden suffering.

He strongly argued against any form of warfare, which was a brave thing to do back in those times, allthough he was Welsh, and Welsh -speaking, he also spoke a small amount of German, somehow perhaps, that tempered his view of the event.

Occasionally, we would talk about the war, and I came to believe that he had realised that there were "other things" that were behind the hostilities, particularly the aftermath of the war, when the Soviets took over much of Eastern Europe, their socialist empire being the counter to the capitalist advances of the West. In one word...Oil.

So when I first read the explanations given below, a multitude of "little facts" began to connect themselves.... How the Germans obtained finance and fuel, why they attacked the Russians (The main objective), and above all, why America came into the battle.

The part played by the Rockerfeller family should be examined, and if necessary brought further into public examination.

I`m most grateful to a German website that has posted the following non-Hollywood appraisal of some of the factors that drove millions of ordinary Europeans to war, and for so many, many unfortunates, untold suffering and their death.

Thanks to Gaby Weber...

The Russian Revolution installed a new global order. Until 1917, the Europeans were in command of the world. Then the US corporates wanted to get in the global business, above all, John D. Rockefeller who founded Standard Oil in 1870. In 1879 he merged the Vacuum Company and many other firms until 1911, when the Trust was desolved and broken into many smaller companies. But the Rockefeller family
maintained power in the oil business.

At that time, petroleum was produced in two places, in Texas and in Baku, in the Caucasus. The Russian oilfields were owned by the Nobel and Rothschild families who lost their assets with October Revolution. “In summer 1918, Mr. Nobel flew from the Soviets and begged the German emperor Wilhelm to help him to conquer his assets back”, says the historian Dietrich Eichholtz. But thinking about “conquer” wasn’t possible with an unarmed German Republic.

The interest of the Rockefeller family were identical with the interest of Deutsche Bank. And after WW1, their shares of the „Turkish Petroleum Company“ were transferred as „enemy property“ to France. For many years, the Deutsche Bank tried to litigate against this expropriation, but finally they realized that there wouldn’t be any chance on the legal front. There is strong evidence to suggest that approximately in 1927, Deutsche Bank and Standard Oil made a secret pact aimed at bringing Hitler to power in order to conquer the Oil of Baku. Standard Oil promised to supply the fuel.
In 1927, Standard Oil and IG Farben founded the company „Standard IG Farben“; president was the oil dealer William Farish from Texas. Standard passed to IG Farben the patents about the coal hydrogenation processes and the Germans gave them the patents how to manufacture synthetic rubber...

Read on (CLICK), for a realistic view of Europe and the "oil wars", numbers one and two.


Paul said...

More dots.....thank you Landsker. The sordid story of US collaboration with Hitler gets more details. Mind if I cross post this on Diesel?

landsker said...

Hi Paul,
Feel free to post, `though to be fair, the credit for the research and writing on Standard oil belongs to Ms Weber, (A German writer who now resides in South America.)
The Germans, like many Americans in the wars of today,, didn`t realise what was going on until after the war was over.

Middle Ditch said...

I too landed on this earth in 1952. My father too had a horrendous time. Not like yours though. In 1944 the Germans rounded up all able bodied men between 16 and 60 to work in the German weapon factories. My dad was in hiding until the end of the war. My family refused to talk about the horrors of the last winter, the hunger winter as it is now known, when not a scrap of food was available. Only the farmers had some food and they had a raw deal, because how much can you give away. They were accused of being misers.

I knew absolutely nothing about the two world wars because, how ever strange this may sound, history ended in 1900, full stop.

It was only when I began watching this marvelous program on TV with my daughters who were studying the second world war, that I began to understand what my family and thousands, millions of other people had been going through and I could not believe my own naivety on the subject.

Middle Ditch said...

PS The World At War was that marvelous program. I believe first broadcast in the seventies and repeated in the nineties when I watched it with my daughters

landsker said...

Hello Monique.
The internet at times appears to be an "engine of consilience"!

Thankfully, Europe seems to have progressed from obsessive patriotism and warfare to some kind of economic and social integration.
I didn`t see the "World at war " series, but I`d be interested to understand why you believe that history ended in 1900?


The Irish as a nation or should I say the Republic of Ireland didn't want anything to do with the war against the Germans either but for a totally different reason.

That said, the British Army's best generals were mostly Irish and a huge part of the troops were Irish. (Bless them)

Monique said...

Hi again, to answer that question I have to go back to childhood. I was taken out of school at 14 to help earn money and at the time in Holland I wasn't taught any history after 1900. My family didn't want to talk about anything that had happened. I lived, got married, moved to England and then saw that series with my daughters. As simple as that. Strange? Perhaps.

landsker said...

Hi Hillblogger, and welcome.
Yep, the Irish involvement in WW2 is most certainly convoluted.
As said, there were still "fault lines" twixt the republicans and those of "the union".
But men from both factions were compelled to serve the British crown, some for the money, some for the deceptive glory of war.

Monique; as you say, a simple tale, but nevertheless, it must have been a dark period for all involved.
I think after the war,there was a collective detachment from events, people just wanted to live, and forget...
Thankfully, Europe is now much less inclined to xenophobia and war, and hopefully our political systems will never again let this madness take control of our lives.

Anonymous said...

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