Thursday, June 25, 2009

9/11; getting the real picture.

Most people around the world already know that 9/11 was not what it seemed.

Two airplanes caused three towers to collapse, then came a call to war....a murderous idiocy... continuing with the laissez-faire acceptance of the attack by the current administration... a sort of "don`t ask-don`t tell".

In Denmark, Germany and other countries, discussions have been aired on the TV and radio.
In the US (and Britain), the official line is to keep chasing the Muslim "terrorists", especially those with large oil and gas reserves., although with trillions of dollars of debt, and a rapidly shrinking GDP, the chances of an imminent meltdown in US social order are increasing.

The Yanks may be fooling some of their own, and no doubt there are many around the world who accept the official line with blithe indifference.
There are other individuals who are taking steps toward exposing the true identities of the perpetrators of the attack.....

even Wikipedia is publishing the allegations...

Right after the attacks, in line with official procedures, the US government dispatched a professional photographer, Kurt Sonnenfeld. Attached to FEMA, he soon realised that what he was seeing pointed to evidence of dirty tricks.

When he voiced suspicions to his superiors, he was sidelined and threatened, and now lives in exile in Argentina.

(Quote)"And then it was very odd to me when I learned that FEMA and several other federal agencies had already moved into position at their command center at Pier 92 on September 10th, one day before the attacks......../the collapse of Building 7 was hardly mentioned by the mainstream media and suspiciously ignored by the 911 Commission...../(unquote)

Read on.....

Meanwhile the oil-thirsty establishment... harps on about the need for "freedom" in Iran, and Iraq,..... and Afghanistan.


Paul said...

There certainly are a lot of dots to connect eh?
I hope Kurt stays safe and succeeds in getting answers to his questions.

With Obama now working to stop the victims lawsuit against the saudis, it appears that the coverup will continue.

Paul said...

Here's a link to another article that points out inconsistencies in the "official" account of 9/11

Helicon said...

You might like to do some additional research to find out that the stuff you're writing down is actually false.

landsker said...

Hi Paul, thanks for that, quite enlightening...just another "fact" that doesn`t fit with the official story.

Hello Helicon,
Welcome...........which of the two links would it be, that incite your scepticism... Wikipedia, or the `photos by Sonnenfield?

Helicon said...

Here's an idea: Follow these steps whenever you come across something you think is suspicious:

1. Check 911myths and the JREF forum to see if it hasn't been refuted before.
2. See if there are counter arguments for these refutations.

In very few cases I've managed to complete step 2.

This way the theory about the hijackers not being able to fly a planes can be debunked:

and also the story by Kurt Sonnenfeld (I mean: leak these 'suspicious' contents of your tapes already!)

And the comparison of the costs of two investigations (The topic of the compared investigation was NOT Clinton's blowjob) by Jean-Marie Bigard are addressed here:

And the questions by French comedian either are based on personal incredulity (the fact that there are no clearer videos of the crash) or contain false information (the hole was more than 15 feet wide)

Again, following these simple steps is all you need to do to find out there actually is very little that is really suspicious.

landsker said...

Hello Helicon,

After cutting and pasting the links you suggested, it seems that they are liitle more than spurious and specious detours along the route to the truth.

Incidentally, Blogger "dashboard and post creation", allows one to hyperlink, making comments far easier to refute or consolidate.

Do you blog yourself, or have you been assigned the role of a purely sophist common tater?.

Helicon said...

"it seems that they are liitle more than spurious and specious detours along the route to the truth"

How come? Care to explain? Or is that you solely go by information that makes 9/11 seem suspicious?

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