Sunday, April 19, 2009

The tortured soul.

Just added a new link, right at the top...Blacklisted news....., an american site that seems to fit with the times.

Interesting article (Click)from a guy named Tom Burghardt (February),
which pre-empts the Obama announcement concerning torture.... and also sheds light on the connections between boeing and the CIA...

Boeing... serving the agents of rendition and torture... but Obama had best watch out...putting himself into the frame by ruling out further investigation, or indeed any criminal charges of the participants, sends out a message to the entire world.....that of "my country right or wrong".

Ah well, change was short, but not sweet.

Editing (22nd April)...a few days later, and Obama now says he may indeed, one day, perhaps, consider prosecutions..."Wriggling", is that what our american friends call it.
Of course, there`s also the matter of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan...which if torture is illegal, then war should be a capital crime!


an average patriot said...

I think Obama made the wrong move here. He is just protecting the scum before him. Once again the more things change the more they remain the same!

landsker said...

He (Obama) has an almost impossible task..., domestic pressure within the military deters him from arresting these men, and international opinion is that there are war crimes to be answered, concerning not just the torture, but also the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.
The Muslim world is unlikely to accept a smile and a "let`s forget" attitude, his indifference will only strengthen their determination to repel the "infidel invaders".