Friday, March 20, 2009

Hunting buck.

In the news at the moment is AIG, the US insurance "giant". They`ve been busy everywhere, spreading their capital everywhere, including the greasy, sticky hands of Obamsteen. One of their core business involvements is within the Israeli mortgage market, through a subsidary called......

Ezer Mortgage Insurance.

(Thanks to the author at Blogocrity for that one, and reading the comments makes for some interesting moments.)

Of course, in Israel, being a "special nation", of "special people", they have slightly different values.
One being the price of property, which by any measure seems to be highly over-valued, ten times more expensive than Egypt or Palestine, and the other little benefit, as can be seen from the link, is a special clause that allows the Israelis to take periods of "grace" on their repayments.

Imagine that some of those mortgages may be of dubious certification or provenance,....far be it for me to cast aspersions or slurs upon the Jewish people, but lately, the rise of names such as Madoff, Geithner, Bernanke, are not exactly inspiring confidence in the business practices of the chosen race.

Enough, genug jetzt, don`t just take my word, check out a voice of reality and sanity, and let`s not take life too seriously.

"Flabbergasted?" (Alternative, possibly slightly unkosher comedy:)


an average patriot said...

I have to laugh! I thought you went deer hunting or something. Funny but I was thinking about this the other day because Jews were trouble makers in Bush's mis administration. I have a couple real good friends but for some reason some are not to be trusted and worse than others!

landsker said...

Religion always seems to cause unrest...and Judaism evolving into zionism was an excuse to re-create Israel, and then to militarise, which was funded from the US.
Sadly, Israel has become a beligerent warmongering state, with great influence over the US pentagon and treasury, and some might say the cause of America`s woes.
Deer-hunting? No, still working, selling shellfish, demand is there, but prices are not so high this season.....but better a low paid job, than a million shares in a Bernie Madoff hedge fund.

Paul said...

I don't think Jews are really any different than anyone else. All cultures have their fair share of assholes, with the biggest ones rising to the top. They like us here in the US are heavily bombarded with propaganda aimed towards demonizing whatever opposition is convenient. Israels financial woes are underlying the military adventurism we're seeing in Gaza right now and we should expect more of the same in the future and that includes US. Nothing cures a bad financial mess like a war (according to popular wisdom).
Here in the US, the demonizers are working overtime to portray Obama as the anti-christ, and there are rumblings amongst the righties about revolution, so now I'm ending up taking sides with Obama by default even though he is very disappointing. Did some looking at stats last night and found that 90% of Mercan homes have guns, a way higher number than anywhere else on the planet and since I nor most of the people I know own guns, you know where most of them are, in the hands of the wrong people. Jesus H Crimmany, who are they going to shoot?
I'm getting ready to hunker down here, we have some goats now, chickens too and hopefully we'll be putting in a garden soon. I have to assume at this point that the wife and I are on our own.

landsker said...

Over here in the UK, gun controls are extremely strict, no handguns or rifles for the public, and only under extensive scrutiny, permits are given for shotguns.
In fairness, most police don`t carry guns, helps keep a civilising perspective to life.
The Jewish people got their fair share of good and less good, geniuses like Einstein and (Leonard) Bernstein, ...then there`s Israelis like Omert, Sharon, the butchers who see non-jews as being "less than human" (sic.)
Will Obama keep the empire intact?

The next few weeks should tell, already the G20 in London looks like a non-event...