Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Cynical lines.

Standing next to the printing press,
With notes-a-plenty piled to the roof,
Their fingers all stained, a veritable mess,
Disdainfull snorts, empty hollow denials of sorts,
The bankers, politicians their advisers, the courts...

Whilst all the while, with little understanding or guile,
We taxpayers and workers pay for this farce and smile,
Quantative easing and wars for oil ,
No dissent or protest allowed.

They`ve got battleships, bombs, submarines,snipers and tasers,
Listening devices, surveillance cameras, protection teams and lasers,
More than just an ongoing financial farce,
The whole bloody thing`s a pain in t`arse.

1 comment:

an average patriot said...

Good one! Sounds old but it applies today as you know!