Sunday, May 17, 2009

A voice, a lady speaks.

Just a few moments of reading to see another view.. somewhat sardonic, and certainly very moving.

Perhaps those who see militarism as a worthwhile vocation should slowly consider the thoughts of a lady from Iraq... Layla...

Here`s a quote from her blog, and there`s a link at the foot of the page, although the full article turns around the phrase... "As good as it gets"..., and may not be to the taste of serving soldiers...

Please come and see our combat stress.

The paralyzed old man with drill holes in his legs.
The wobbly woman unable to walk after her "visit" to Abu Ghraib.
The kids who stutter at age 14 and still piss in their pants because they saw the unspeakable.
Whole families living in one damp bedroom, with no mattresses and no blankets.
Women prostituting themselves and slashing their thighs with razor blades after their clients have gone.
Children who can't read and write because they can't afford school.
Displaced families still living in tents and rummaging in garbage to find something to eat.

(ClicK)Thousands maimed with bullets, bombs, burns because of you. Hundred of emptied homes in ruins or occupied by militias because of you.
Long queues of lost faces, holding documents, begging for a place because of you. Thousands of children, with no father and mother, living in the streets, sniffing glue, trafficked, sold, bought, beaten up, because of you.
Thousands crammed in jails, tortured, diseased because of you.
Widowed women living on pavements in Amman, Damascus, Cairo, because of you.
Young women gang raped and blinded with acid because of you...God damn it and God damn you, the list is long...

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