Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How This Old Brit Sees It ...: If They Hadn't Killed Bobby Kennedy, He'd Be 81 Today ...

How This Old Brit Sees It ...: If They Hadn't Killed Bobby Kennedy, He'd Be 81 Today ...

I`m linking in to another blog. An interesting piece about the "Death of the Kennedys"
There now seems to be another fairly well- substantiated allegation that the life and death of american politicians is not always as the mainstream media would have us believe.
Is America about to be purged? Will anyone step forward with a stout-handled broom and sweep clean the land of the inherently crooked and the murderously corrupt?

Or will America fall into another civil war? One thing is certain, its` time of empire is coming to the final act.
As a currency, the dollar is falling, the military is negotiating the terms of withdrawal from the M.E., house prices are falling, industrial output is falling, exports are falling.

I would not like to make any predictions, but the words chickens and roost seem about right.


Richard said...

I'm always pleased when other bloggers link to any of my stuff, landsker, so thanks. It's what the net is all about as far as I'm concerned - spreading whatever needs to be spread and so helping people make more considered judgements for themselves.

Btw, I'll have to come back another time to read more of your stuff as it seems we're quite close in more ways than miles.

mariamaria said...

I just linked to you, amigo!

betmo said...

i think it is going to have to come to a civil war. there isn't much of a way to reconcile the ugly polarization that has occurred. not to mention that the ideologies are vastly different between the right and left. rational human beings have not been able to prevail and the inmates are running the asylum. they are refusing to give it up- and now, head nut job newt gingrich is calling for an end to the constitution. what choice will we have?

glenda said...

Hey, landsker, how goes it??

landsker said...

Hi Richard,
Ta for dropping in, I see you are "oop North!", after reading some of your blog, I can see that we share much the same opinion of the state of the world.
The Kennedys, wars, arms races, oil... all just stakes and prizes in the casino of life.
Betmo, will there really be civil war in the U.S.? Or will sensible, cooler heads prevail?

Eh Mariamaria, que la puedo decir? Gracias, thankyou for the link, aunque este sinverguenza, apenas lo vale.
Glenda, it goes well, and you?
I confess to wondering at times what good grace brings people from the united states to converse with we reprobrate brits ;)

enigma4ever said...

...I love your blog....and hmm, I think you are on to something....Let the Purging begin....we need it - badly....if you don't mind I will sit and read for a bit..( I love the post below too)....thanks for your thoughts...sorry I am an American....I hate Bushco and all that they have done..we are doing our best to eradicate this hideous regime....promise.

( am adding you to the Blogroll at Watergate Summer...mozart&blues AND Hunter