Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rosie runs the world.

Rosie set off a few years ago. "I`m going to run around the whole world".

That was the 2nd of October 2003.

So she packed a few things, and started running. She ran across Wales, then across England.
A quick ferry trip to Europe, the Rosie ran across Holland, then into Germany and Russia.

Running Russia, blizzards and ice, and the trans-siberian railway, along which Rosie ran. Day after day, night after night. Running, running, running...

Rosie set off, to raise funds for a local hospital, where her late husband Clive had been treated. Rosie is like that, she loves a challenge, and a good cause.

Well, she made it across Russia, raising money for a Russian orphanage as well, as she said, "They needed it".

Across the Bering straits, running Alaska, and then Rosie ran into Canada. People often line the roads, handing her money, she collects it, often just running into the next town to find a worthy recipient. Selfless.

A few days ago she got to North Dakota, so if you live in that part of the world, why not take a few moments and run with her.
What a woman, running the world. An example to us all, a story that needs to be celebrated and never forgotten.

This is how she wrote of her dream....

On 2nd October 2003 my 57th birthday, I'm going to set off to run around the world. Making my dream come true and practical necessity, go together. I shall be solo, self supporting and on a very low budget. I couldn¹t afford back up teams, luxury, or flights to different continent and stages across wide oceans.

My dearest wish anyway, is just to do a complete circle of the earth, planned to keep me on as much land mass as possible, This is also the coldest, hardest, most fascinating way, and includes almost 7,000 miles of Russia and Siberia. I shall go across Europe through Holland, Germany, Poland and Moscow, before hitting the Trans Siberian Railway route. Then go on to the Bering Straits, Alaska, America, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Scotland and England, before returning to the start and finishing line at Tenby, my home in Wales. It will be my world voyage on two feet.

A link to her website should be working, fascinating tales, about a lady from Wales.
The title of this post also acts as a link to her website, which truly inspires.


No said...

I wanna run with Rosie! Has she made it to South Dakota yet with this blizzard?

Mary said...

I am sure I would run w/her if she came my way. How wonderful. I like to set goals like that too. Although mine would be less ambitious like "I want to run down the road."

Glenda said...

What an adventurous and courageous she coming to Texas??

landsker said...

Rosie is now in Minnesota, and heading towards the eastern coast.
I don`t think she will run through Texas, but you never know!
The run goes back into Canada, I think, then over to Greenland, Icleland, Ireland, Scotland, England, and then home to Wales.

The run through Ireland should be awesome, no doubt. There are regular updates on her website.

Clampett said...

Hello Landsker,

I'm impressed by her determination and dedication.

Good luck to her,

She's got a strong spirit by all measures.