Monday, June 25, 2007

Iraqui Resistance. Top 20 hits.

So, today, Britain has a new leader,(Gordon Brown). A few weeks earlier, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales also chose new leaders. (Ian Paisley, Alex Salmond and Rhodri Morgan).

With the possible exception of Paisley, none of these men support the war in Iraq.
So we can expect some changes soon, regarding the use of British soldiers overseas.

The Iraqui resistance meanwhile, have come up with a new way of motivating their troops.
Ansar al Sunnah, is a leading group of highly organised resistance.
Each month they post videos of what they consider to be the top twenty hits against the occupation of their nation.
The resistance is divided into regions and groups, and are invited to submit videos of their operations against the invaders.
Points are given for the cunning of the attack, the proficiency, the number of americans killed, or of resources destroyed. Overall camera work is also taken into account.

The end is near for the americans, who lie constantly to their own people, calling the resistance "Al Quaeda", or "Foreign fighters".

The short clip above really is propaganda, but at least it is a real-time account of the activities of the Iraqui people, and not a sychophantic fawning fox newsreader quoting some whitehouse putz.

Allthough it is propaganda, it (imo) merits viewing, not for the violence shown, but for the camera work, the music,(Beautiful) and for what it represents in organisational terms, the planning, construction and positioning of the attacks: the ability to film those attacks, and above all, the ability to bring those films to public sight.
The subtitles are in Arabic and English, and are concise., to say the least.

The Iraqui people have held together as a tribe and a culture for over 5,000 years.
Long before Islam, before Christianity, and before Judaism.

These are the people that gave us mathematica, caligraphy, and even "organised government".
The resistance began planning their attacks back in the `90s, stockpiling the explosives and detonators, they knew of american plans long before the "false flag" of 9/11.

It is apparent that soon the only "invaders" left in Iraq will be americans. How many more will die or be grusesomeley mutilated before they withdraw.

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Larry said...

Pelosi and Reid are boasting of they will stop the war now, that they have many arrows in their arsenal.

Haven't we heard this bluster before, right up until they had time to stop the funding and the war, and they curled under Bush's tail.

Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

Interesting to read impressions from people in other countries.

They have dropped the ball many times- I'm not sure what it will take.

landsker said...

Hi Larry,
Pelosi cares for Pelosi, no doubt she has realised that there is a real possibility of her loosing her job, either from a third party challenge, or from a collapse in the american state.
Hi Lynn,
Yeah, the impression we get of the american military is one of a badly educated and unprincipled force.
It really does seem like the end of an empire..., maybe the soldiers themselves will oust the neo-cons, who knows?

Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

I hope that saying good bye to Blair means change is coming...

betmo said...

i would love to say goodbye to bushco and their ilk- so we could get down to the business of trying to clean up their mess.

Paul said...

Hey, I just noticed on the personal info......we both be dragons.
Just stopped by to say hi! Was looking forward to your blogswarm post for Peacetrain. Hope all is well.

landsker said...

Lynn, Blair, (imho), follows the plan of his sponsors, as will Brown, which seems to be movement towards "The United States of socialist Europe", and a reality check that tells us that Russia, like China is getting closer, but in trade rather than war.
Betmo, Bush too, dances to the tune of his paymasters, who unfortunately seem to be stuck in the era of gunboats, cannons and bibles!
Hi Paul. Fellow Dragon.
Hope you are well yourself, gracefully gliding through the clouds... claws sheathed and just a slender trail of whisping fire.