Sunday, July 15, 2007

Depleted Uranium, and birth defects.

It`s a fuck of a thing, having children. Mine are almost grown up, but yeah, I will always worry and think about them.
I was blessed with two lovely daughters, even though I`m probably not the best dad, they have stuck with life, and are now both working and enjoying the world and its` treasures.

The early years are always a struggle, wondering how they will do at school, or if they will turn out "O.K.".
Worrying if perhaps they will develop anomalities, always worrying about accidents or disease.

For many parents in Iraq, there is no such worry, they know, at the moment of birth, that their precious child is cursed to a life of pain and suffering.

And all because the Brits and Americans wanted to use depleted uranium.
Our goverments tell us we are civilised and progressive, that they exist only to protect us. What an absolute crock of bullshit.

Ah well, it is said that the soldiers themselves, as a result of their exposure to DU, are just as likely to father deformed children.
Poetic justice perhaps, but of no comfort to the children.
What the fuck are we doing, letting scumbags manufacture weapons like these?

Just who are the assholes who work in the factories making these bombs? What kind of sick retarded fuckwit claims that manufacturing weapons is a job? It isn`t a job you silly cunt, it is a conspiracy to terrorise a civilian population.

War is stupid, manufacturing weapons is plain ignorant.

Walk away from war, walk away from the factories of war.


Paul said...

I agree with ya dragon man, war is stupid! It's hard to condemn working folk for making bombs because hey they need a job right? But at the same time it's good you've addressed this because if people drew the line, there would be fewer supporters of the stupidity. Back in the early 80s I worked as a modelmaker on the Stealth program and it was loads of fun from a craftsman point of view making a 1/2 scale model of a jet fighter plane out of aluminum and surfboard foam but 1 day I stepped back and thought about the reality of it and it grossed me out. Sure enough it wasn't too many years after that when the US burned up half of Panama City with the end result of my work. But no more, I'm self employed now and refuse military work. The latest one being a contract for building crates for C31 electronic upgrades going to Afghanistan.
I've got 1 daughter, she's all grown up and on her own and very much anti-war!

Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

The issue of depleted uranium needs to be talked about!

The documentary "Beyond Treason" was horrible.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

The "safety" employed as a disguise with that crap would be laughable, were it not so tragic.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The only thing I don't agree on is blaming the soldiers that used the weapons, I've been looking into this and they are victims as well, deceived and used in this whole nightmare. Blame those who knew about the risks, then lied to the troops about the risks and pushed for the weapons to be used.