Monday, November 19, 2007

Much maligned, but still here.

Well here we are, monday morning.
There is a movement out there to highlight the uses of cannabis, so I thought I would add my tuppence worth.
Cannabis was made illegal in the 1930`s, with pressure from the Anglo/american oil and pharmaceutical industries.

Why indeed? When cannabis was at that time providing the main ingredient for over 50% of the worlds` medicines.

Of course, hemp/cannabis needs to be grown and tended, crude oil was freely available to those who controlled the deposits.

Close examination shows that the carbon signature of hemp oil and that of crude oil are similar, except that crude oil is not quite so "fresh and friendly". Most people have no idea that crude oil is used to manufacture "medicines".

I have even spoken with people who were unaware that polyester, nylon and rayon were made from crude oil. Which makes those clothes about 3 billion years old... ugh... disgusting.

Cannabis was used as an anaesthetic and pain relief, as an appetite stimulant, for muscle spasms, headaches, insomnia, and at the turn of the century, scientists began to realise that they could make plastics and fuel, as well as fibre and cloth.
But then all those things could be made from crude oil too!
So along came tales of reefer madness and stories of hate and horror, whilst the pharmaceuticals began to peddle their questionable wares, and of course, the internal combustion engine began to consume billions of tonnes of oil.

Rudolph Diesel,(1858-1913) the German inventor had perfected an engine that would run on vegetable oil, after showing his plans to the British and Americans, some limited production began, but after his mysterious "death/suicide/murder", the use of vegetable oil was discontinued in favour of mineral oil.
However, the German auto industry now produces diesel engines that will run on either vegoil or mineral oil.
In june this year, tired of chasing motorists who use tax-free vegoil in their cars, the British government decided to allow we brits to use up to 2,500 litres of vegoil per annum, without paying fuel tax.

(See press release: Customs and excise brief 43/07.)

I can vouch for the efficiency of using vegoil, having used it in my aging VW golf without problems for the last 6,000 miles. (no conversion kit, just 50/50 mix of veg and mineral oil.)
Hemp oil is sadly too expensive, so I tend to use sunflower oil, wonderful acceleration, and clean, oh so clean! (60 miles per gallon of cooking oil!)

WARNING, only use vegoil in your motor car after seriously checking the viability, best are German/Japanese diesel engines, on no account use in a petrol engine.

Burning fossil fuels has been a disaster, in terms of pollution, illness and wars.
The medicinal properties of cannabis are slowly emerging into the mainstream, in fact there is a prize awarded annually, the Ralph Mechoulam prize.
Last year over 400 papers were submitted, all from graduate-level writers, many of whom work for the pharmaceuticals, many of whom have research facilities in Israel.

Did you ever wonder, what was in that bottle that the Jesus fellow used as his magic annointing oil that would cure the sick?
Try a google search on "Kaneh bosom"!!!

It seems that one of the main arguments between Christ and the then mainstream Jewish establishment was that he, as an Essenian Rabbi, wanted to give the poor people free medicines and treatment, whereas the more conservative Rabbis wanted to maintain their lucrative practice of charging the sick for health care, not unlike the world today is it?
Jesus was also against the practice of money-lending with interest, but that is another topic.

For a full insight into the history of cannabis, there is a book by an American activist, Jack Herer, "The emperor has no clothes."
Available free online, it may well change forever any assumptions about cannabis being "bad".

To read today, or to save for later, click the title "Much maligned..." and that will give you a copy of his wonderful book.

The song, with its` composite artwork is the creation of an Israeli group, Boom Pam, who also do weddings and bar mitzvahs. Israel, suprisingly perhaps, is very tolerant, even supportive of the use of cannabis.

"Anything crude can do, hemp can do better... Hemp can do anything better than crude... yes it can... "



The Future Was Yesterday said...

I suspect that were Cannibas used entirely for the substances you mention, you'd be crushed to death by an escapism crowd.:)

"government decided to allow we brits to use up to 2,500 litres of vegoil per annum, without paying fuel tax."
That's why I don't take "The sky is falling on petro resources!" real seriously. As soon as the petro does run out, so the corporations can control the next source of energy, your car will suddenly run on your dirty bath water - at $12 a gallon.

Maddy said...

Thank you.

Spadoman said...

I just returned from a trip to the Southeast USA. While down there, I saw many advertisements for Biodiesel, made from soybeans. Biodiesel was being sold at some gas stations. Then, in the midwest, where most of the corn is grown in this country, I saw many signs spouting the virtues of Ethanol, a corn based fuel. I am not familiar with the statistics, but corn and the products associated with corn byproducts, has gone up in price per bushel and therefore has raised the prices of many food items that contain corn ingredients.

The word is getting out, but big business is keeping their thumb down on any program where someone can make a dollar on any power source other than crude oil.

As far as the hemp, there has been groups and lobbies that want industrial hemp to become legal for fuel and numerous other products. The same old government mantra about pot surfaces and shuts down the idea of an alternative to crude. Just follow the money.

Peace to All.

landsker said...

Hi Maddy and you are welcome.
Dan `n Spado,
It does seem like money and profit are what has been shaping the transport policies of the world, instead of common sense and enviromental concerns.
I think the idea of ethanol is a political cushion for corporate farmers, it certainly has little support in Europe, where for now, rapeseed and sunflowers are the plants of choice for fuel oil.
Hemp will return, of that I`m certain!

Jolly Roger said...

Dandelions will produce a tremendous amount of ethanol per unit of measure, and require no fertilization, no spraying, no tending.

Unfortunately, in this country the lobbyist has all the power, and the corn lobby is a mighty one.

The uses for hemp are well documented, but the anti-reefer hysteria remains in place. Such a pity the hemp growers can't legally pay off legislators like cigarette or liquor merchants can.