Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The wheels of justice turn slow...

...But they do fucking turn.

The British establishment is also slow moving , and moves in mysterious fashions.
Normally, I`m a bit of an sceptic when it comes to faith in the judiciary, remembering a quote from my long-ago errant past, "The more cash you got, the more justice you get".

A few days ago, John McDonnell MP, (Labour _ Hayes and Harlington,)
held a press conference, that has gone without comment from the MSM.
Like many left-wing British politicians , he has a blog, and fair play to the man, he really does talk and listen with his electorate. (The link takes you there.)

It is now confirmed that the British police are currently looking into the case for the arrest and trial of Anthony Blair, and another slippery warmonger pal, Baron Peter Goldsmith, the former attorney general who gave the invasion of Iraq his full and qualified support.

Neither Blair nor Goldsmith appear to have a blog, but I`m sure they have been making many many `phone calls in the last few days.

There is a video of the press conference, a part of which I have also posted above, it is well worth watching, I was moved by the tone of the announcement, which refers to the number of children killed by the American and British forces, as being a war crime.
The video is a ten minute one, but it is really really worth watching, if only to capture the tone of the announcement.

It seems perhaps, that with America on the back foot, both financially and militarilly, and with the British army "half-way up the hill", the police are not going to be deterred or hampered in their quest to find evidence of the crime.
Tens of thousands of dead children, hundreds of thousands of injured , now homeless and crying their fucking eyes out , bombed, shot at and mutilated, exploited , raped and robbed.
Evidence enough of serious war crimes I trust, and wish the officers concerned all success in their investigation.

What I do find to be "strange", is that not one newspaper or MSM has picked up on this story, just You-tube and a few bloggers thus far, and the american politician , Ron Paul.

You heard it by here, Scotland Yard is on the trail of Tony Blair.



betmo said...

good luck getting him! with no thanks to us. maybe we'll all get justice- true justice- in the end. i just won't hold my breath.

landsker said...
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landsker said...

Hi Betmo,
There is a growing call, from all parts of the world, for an end to the "never -ending war."
It may not happen in our lifetimes, but bit by bit, if we all choose peace instead of war, the warmongers become increasingly isolated and their influence wanes.