Friday, October 12, 2012

9 11 revisited, yet again.

There are many theories and untold numbers of articles written about the event, if demolition charges were set, then the questions would be, "Who set them?" One name keeps coming up, mostly in chat rooms and on far-left forums... personally, I have no idea if the man did set up a controlled demolition, but the name Peer Segalovitz gets mentioned over and over...a former Israeli explosives expert, he was arrested near Orlando, and then released... A google search gives some varied points of view. Whispers are beginning of forthcoming countermoves by the US against the Israelis, not so much a visible act of revenge, but simply that the US will cease to fund Israeli military budgets, and will not help them should the Arabs restart wars. Who knows, but with so many pundits expressing disbelief at the official version, it might be foolish to believe the matter is fully resolved.

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