Saturday, September 02, 2006

The laws of men.


betmo said...

so true

Glenda said...

Oh, please post this at the Peace Train, Landsker!!

ed said...

I saw your comment on one of my blogs,

Thanks. We probably have quite different viewpoints on things, at least judging by your site, but good music like Baez's can transcend all of that.

Living in the Washington DC area, I try to go to the protests, especially the ones that feature concerts. I always find them colorfull and interesting, The concert that the Baez clip was from was an especially good one, with a lot of great acts.

landsker said...

Ed, thanks for the comment. We might might indeed have slightly different opinions. Like you say, the music of someone such as Joan Baez can unite and even inspire.
I hope we all see the day when our protests bring an end to the wars of the corporate slimeballs that fester and breed in Washington and London.