Sunday, September 10, 2006

"The Newtonian God."

William Blake,[1757– 1827].
Heretic or Prophetic?

It has been said that Blake "invented his God", he apparently saw a "Newtonian God", as a process of industrialisation that he disliked, but could not change.
In his paintings, as with his writings, he seems at times, to join the theological visions with the realities of his time.

How would Blake see life now? How would he depict his vision of God? Would his God hold a mono-fuselaged missile, or the would the dual-pointed compass still sit supreme? Or would Blakes` God choose a new instrument with which to measure and shape this world?

Just a few thoughts for a Sunday morning, which incidentally, here in the West of Britain, has started as a fine and sun-filled day, with just a few whispers of a breeze that are sending an early mist inwards from the coast. No doubt, as the sun rises and warms, the heat will sweep them aside, to show the blueness of space.

From Blakes` "Auguries Of Innocence".

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.


betmo said...

lucky- it is cold and wet and rainy here in new york.

depends on if blake fell into step with the current crop of right wing nut jobs here.

Professor Zero said...

I wonder what Blake would think, also.

glenda said...

I saw A show of Blake's paintings some years ago and have never forgotten them. The smudge of color between earth and sky with its fiery tones were so sublime as to affect me profoundly. Masterful painter.