Monday, September 10, 2007



Now then, it might seem that this blog is a wee bit wary of certain uh...ahem... "neocons".
Well, yes I am, for obvious reasons.
I can`t even use that old chestnut, "Some of my best friends etc", mostly because there aren`t many jewish folk in West Wales.
Strangely enough, the last few years have seen quite a few immmigrating here, from Israel. As of yet, all seems most peaceful.
There is even talk of building a Kibbutz in the Welsh hills near Carmarthen. Oiveh, a Kibbutz in Wales!!
We shall see.

Some of my comic and entertainment heroes are Jewish. The Rabbi, Jackie Mason is one, incredibly dry, but always on the ball.
Composers and musicians, the list goes on and on... Berlin, Bernstein, Gershwin... and many thousands more. One could go on for ever about the joy and pleasure that these people have brought to the human race.

Then there were the Marx brothers, pure genius. Mind you their cousin, Karl, was not so good at the comedy, couldn`t sing or dance and ended up preaching politics.
The short clip above is of a duo with a somewhat obtuse talent, I have no idea if they are jewish or not, but I`m sure you will enjoy a new if somewhat unusual rendition of a old favourite.

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