Thursday, September 13, 2007

Of mice and men.

Thanks to Carlos Latuff for the sketch.

Rant begins.
I shall soon refrain from commenting on the Americans who go to Iraq in obedience of their government.
They are beneath comment, beneath contempt. Enough is enough.

The majority of americans see Bush as an arsehole and a madman, a murderous piece of foul and rotten trash, and his advisers and generals as lickspittle lackeys, liars devoid of compassion or conscience.

But what of the colonels and captains, the admirals, the lieutenants and sergeants, the pilots and marines, the privates and recruits.
Surely, by definition, in a non-conscripted force, those that serve, stand in agreement with those who command.

So at what point do the soldiers in the american war machine differ from their leaders?
Are they just nice guys who are simply obeying orders?
Or should they be considered as war criminals?
Or pitied as being pawns in a greater game?

The american military is a volounteer force, those who serve, do so because they wish to, they like it enough to consider their president a man for whom they are willing to die, or be maimed, or driven insane.

I really think that the world has had enough of war, and the parasites who thrive on the pain and suffering of others for material gain.
It suprises me that amidst all the protests that do take place in the U.S., that there has been thus far no blockades of military recruitment centres.
Here in the U.K. there are constant protests outside military bases, thankfully our government seems to understand that internal dissent is a good sign of intellectual freedom and not some attempt at overthrowing the entire state.

Yes, the world needs law and order, but we also need equality and justice, we need food and housing, education and employment, not nuclear bombs and laser guided missiles.
How easy it is for silly little fuckwits to destroy entire cities, even nations. Stupid arrogant animals who only survive by killing and bombing, "protected" by their state, perhaps not fully understanding that they are but hired guns in a war over resources and power.

It is beyond belief, that across the planet,so much money is spent on weapons and war.
Pipelines stride across the third world, delivering gas and oil to the West, but thousands of third world folks are dying,
every fucking day, from hunger and thirst.

How many of us, unthinkingly drive to work, with a tankfull of Iraqui fuel? Do we think about the Iraqui people, as we turn on the ignition, do we consider their lives and their rights as we fill our tanks?

In fairness to the americans, I did see one comment that was "on the button", which was that [sic].

...Only 25% of americans now support their govern-bent, trouble is, they have 99% of the guns and ammunition"

How many more american soldiers will die?
Do the soldiers care?
Do I care?

Rant over.


Larry said...

The only ones who don't care are the neocons and their Democratic enablers.

landsker said...
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landsker said...

Hi Larry,
Actually, the gist and point upon which I was trying to elucidate was that there are several million americans involved in the occupation of Iraq.
The american government has shouted "JUMP!": and millions of american citizens have heard that call, saluted, and then jumped.
Then there is the hardware, the boots, jeeps, planes, trucks, the weapons, the missiles, rockets, the bombs.
The assembly lines are staffed by americans, their productivity ensures the continuation of war.

It is, imo, not just the politicians who must call for an end to the PROCESS of war, it is also incumbent upon those who form the MEANS of war.

September 18, 2007 12:10 AM

Spadoman said...

Are you familiar with Buffy Ste. Marie's lyrics to a song entitled "Universal Soldier"?

They come in all sizes, colors, races, ethnicities, social status, etc etc etc It is all of us. And you are correct as you elude to those that go, some blindly, to follow their leader who says to go.

But there are some exceptions and extenuating circumstances. Some went in to the National Guard. They would serve one weekend at a place near home in their own community. They were told that they would defend their own area in the event of a catastrophe, like a hurricane or forest fire.

They attend these monthly meetings and gain money in the form of benefits so they can attend school. They make some extra money along with their regular job. Many people choose a second part-time job to make ends meet financially.

Then, the government sends them to Iraq and puts them in a war. They can lay down their arms and go to prison, or stay and fight. Some stay and obey because of the lack of courage to disobey. I was one of those people when I got drafted and went to Vietnam in 1969. I was taken off the streets of my home town and put into the army. I went and served. When they put me in the war in Vietnam, I didn't have the courage to lay down my rifle. I must have thought spending one year in Vietnam was worth not having to spend 20 years in a Federal prison in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Some do enlist to fight. Some have that opinion that war is a good thing. As an American, the spirit drives me to allow others their thoughts and opinions. Try to sway them with my actions and words. Vote to oust the bastards that got the war going.

But to blame every soldier and worker who does anything that is about war, like making bombs, would be a mistake for me. I can not judge other people for what they do. I can call it to their attention and hope and pray that they see it.

Yes, if no one fights and no one makes guns, there would be no weapons and no fighting. This would be good, but that's not what it is. I can't blame others because I didn't stand up at the beginning and try to stop them. "It is you and me", the people who sat idly by and allowed the leaders to start a war. We all should have been on the doorstep when they wanted to go there, or better yet, not voted them in. We failed at that and pay the consequences.

So much more to expound on with this, but I'll let it go here. I have some protesting to do today.

Peace to all