Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Empire is striking back.

Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz, the person on the left, is standing up for those who have been killed in the name of oil, she is a woman of courage, intellect and well mannered restraint.
The female on the right seems to be under the influence of drugs, accused of being involved in the premeditated murder of thousands of Iraqui people, and the attempted theft of billions of barrels of crude oil, and without shame or conscience, of having lied to obtain taxpayer money to facilitate such endeavour.
She stares ahead, without emotion, knowing that as of yet, there are still obedient police officers who will remove, what must be for her, at this moment in time, no more than a temporary embarrasment.
Within her stare, is there any fear of being arrested? Is there any sign of guilt or remorse for the millions of Iraquis who are now refugees, wandering homeless and hungry through a nightmare of disease and lies.
Or indeed, does the light of humanity even flicker within her frame, or is she truly an empty soul, a ghoul, the embodiement of walking death that feeds on the pain and misery of innocent life.


Paul said...

Hi Dragon man! Kindasleezy doesn't give a rats ass about getting blood on her hands, although she'd prefer to drink it I'm sure. I'd like to see someone hold up a mirror in front of her, the lack of a reflection would be telling.
Thanks for the invite next summer, just might take you up on it.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

The pursed lips, the lowered eyes, the sucked in cheeks: "Just walk by this. All that matters is us."

Larry said...

Too bad the truly guilty go free in Bush's America.