Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Rosie got to New York, again. Back in 1983, the iconic adventuress took a small boat of plywood construction, and sailed from Britain to New York.

A 17` boat, (just over 5 metres), which is most certainly, a very small boat.
Alone she sailed, all the way to Ellis Island. That was more than 20 years ago.On this occasion, she has run, across Europe and Russia, over the Bering sea to Alaska, through Canada, to Chicago, (where she competed in the marathon.) and then across mainland USA, all the way to the East coast.

Rosie runs around 25 miles a day, every day, and has thus far run more than 22,000 miles in just over 4 years, and expects to be home in Wales next June, when whithout doubt there will be some serious celebration.

As she ran through the city of New york, so impressed were the local police officers, that they escorted our Rosie towards a camping site, to sleep within sight of the statue of liberty,:

Which she lovingly describes in her diary:

"They then escorted me royally across a busy intersection after the bridge, then gave me directions to Liberty Park Campsite - close to the Statue of Liberty itself, where I could camp. I curled up in my sleeping bag, leaving the back flap of Charlie's little Tent open - and gazed and gazed and gazed at the Statue of Liberty - till I eventually dozed off. Thinking of the past, and thinking most of all about the countless thousand courageous people who left their homes - and lined up at Ellis Island - for a new life, for the sake of Freedom. "
Another excerpt from her journal reads:
"..But it was a quiet world run I thought that I would do.- Self supporting, no PR, no film crew.. No jeep following me or making arrangements - I slept in the forests with the bears and the foxes.. I sometimes felt I was like the wildlife - in a kind of private, hidden, secret world. I met people along the way, especially in Siberia - who were afraid of others .afraid of life..
Or frightening.. I met murderers, missionaries ... Nuns... Children by the ten thousand... Once or twice I had the blade of a knife pointed at me or a gun. Not often enough to count compared to all the thousands of sweet people I met. GRADUALLY THE SOLITUDE WAS ITSELF THE PATH TO MORE PRECIOUS HUMAN CONTACT THAN I could ever have dreamed Because I just happened to be there.
However, Rosie tells her story, better than I, and her latest news and views, can be seen by clicking on the link at the bottom of the post, or in the list of "links".
An inspiration to us all.
May her life be blessed with contentment.


The Future Was Yesterday said...

Folks talk a lot about "seeing the world." This lady has seen that which is in the world.

As I read your post, I sat here thinking of the much vaunted jogs our resident war criminal takes. If only he had 1/100th of Rosie's insight.

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