Monday, May 26, 2008

Moroccan Hash Crossing The Straith Of Gibraltar

The use of drugs is an ingrained part of our lifestyles.
Has been since time began, and fortunes have been made and lost, empires and dreams built and broken.
Centuries ago, no doubt, silent through the night sailed the old salts with their hidden barrels of opium, balls of hashish, with eager customers amongst the gentle apothecaries and physicians of their times.
Nowadays, a new and noisier, faster type of transport is here.
Thanks to technology, tonnes of drugs can be brought from Africa to Europe in just minutes, and not only that, the event can be recorded on a mobile `phone.
The gentleman who captained the vessel, and filmed this rather bizarre 60 second film, is now serving time rather than pot.
I`ll stick to fishing, ...less stress.


an average patriot said...

Wow that is something. That is trafficking to the nth degree. I wonder what those bags weighed? Stick to fishing that's dangerous enough!

an average patriot said...

I just watched it again, what are those bales or something? Black Hash? Bet you wish you had that boat or at least the motors. Four of those must hum!

landsker said...
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landsker said...

Hi Jim,
Nah, maybe twenty or thirty years ago, I might have fancied the adrenalin, but for now, I`ll stick to the mundane and the sedate ...thankyou!
The penalties for smoking it are lenient, but for wholesaling, the sentences are often exceed ten years..
The boat and engines travel at over 60 mph, and in just a few minutes the trip can earn several million euros.
The boats carry fuel in plastic cans, and a tonne or two of hash, or cigarettes, or people ..
Instant millions for the the trafficants, or shot by the Spanish police, or arrested.

The North African side is known as the infamous "Barbary coast", and for thousands of years the people have been a law unto themselves.
By the way, the French fishermen have escalated their strike, and it has spread over the borders into Spain and Italy, Belgium, Greece and Portugal too, even the Irish fishermen have tied up their boats.
It is going to get worse, and the farmers and truckers are starting to protest as well, all about the price of oil!
Interesting times, as next week, there will be, across Europe, a market-shortage of several hundred thousand tonnes of freshh fish. :(.

an average patriot said...

I heard yesterday that they are all tying up their boats because of the price of fuel. It will get a lot worse like everything so good luck Bud!
Here oil went down yesterday but gas keeps going up. They will use any excuse because business is in charge and Governments are powerless to contain them and they know it!