Thursday, May 15, 2008

Who is running the World?

Rosie is, the good woman is now in Iceland, and will be arriving back in Britain next month.
After Europe and Russia, she hitched across the Bering sea, ran through Alaska, and Canada, and into the United States
Rosie ran through Chicago, and New York, back again up into Canada, and onto Newfoundland, where she persuaded a chap with an aeroplane to fly her to Greenland.
After running through the ice and snow, she hitched a flight to Iceland, where she`s been running and living wild, or should that be living and running wild, "A heck of a girl", is how most might see her.

She is back next month, she`s already arranged a lift aboard a boat, over to Scotland, and then she will run through Scotland, then England, and back to Wales.

Just what does this woman use to persuade grown men to give her lifts in aeroplanes and ships? (Best not think about it for too long!)
Upon her return, we might just have a little show of flag-waving, a hint of the patriotic pride.

Of course, the Bilderbergers got excited again this past few days.
Sneaky little sods got into Greece and had another of their meetings.(Click the text to read full report.)

I`d rather think about Rosie running the World, than even contemplate what the triumvirate of of Kissinger, Rockerfeller and Rothschild might have as goals.
However, rather like Hitler in his bunker, fighting phantom battles with imaginary divisions, as the Russian machine guns and mortars crushed his soldiers into dust, these fools think that they are invincible.

This time, (Cli--ck) the Chinese and Russians have not fired a shot, but nevertheless, the fascists are once again in the bunker, with their plans in tatters.

There is an old Welsh song, that goes....

I don't ask for a luxurious life,
the world's gold or its fine pearls,
I ask for a happy heart,
an honest heart, a pure heart.


A pure heart full of goodness,
It is more beautiful than the lovely lily,
None but a pure heart can sing,
Sing in the day, sing in the night.

(Click to listen to Cerys Matthews, singing in Welsh.)

But there you are then that`s the Welsh for you, always writing poetry and running round the bloody World, when they could be off fighting wars for the christian neighbours up in London.
Fuck the wars, I`d rather a bit of poetry and a sing song.
Peace, and thanks for calling in.


an average patriot said...

Hi Landsker
Good for Rosie. okay you do have me curious about her but anyway you bring up something i keep dwelling on and that is who is really the power behind what the chief scum is doing?
I was sickened listen to the ass connecting Obama to the Nazis as a threat to Jews. I am sickened. That lying scum. We have to beat the rights disinformation juggernaut or the entire world will be screwed as I am afraid we are any way. Too much growing crises on every level!
Anyway sadly Bush is running the world right into the ground and during the interim warning the world to beware of their only savior the Dems!

betmo said...

strong morning cuppas
birds chirping in waving trees-
utopian peace.

landsker said...

Ah yes Jim, many a mortal man, including meself, has been curious about Rosie, apart from running around the world, she also soloed the Atlantic in a 16 foot plywood sail boat, ran across the Sahara, rode a mule through the Andes, and never ceases to raise money for charities.
She really is a beautiful woman, and wrote several books under the name of Rosie Swale.

Who is the power behind Bush? Yes, in the minds of many, he is no more than a puppet for the plans of billionaires, warmongers, and Wall street, with the ghosts of old testament Israel hovering in the shadows.
Mind you, he is also like a circus clown, dancing badly whilst the audience files out of the big top at the end of the show, which for America`s armed forces, is now tired and worn.

Betmo, I know little of "Hakus", but I like it!

Birdsong, heartbeats, chatter ,
Overtures, contentment,
Aerial wisdoms..

enigma4ever said...

very the welsh poem and hearing about rosie..