Monday, June 16, 2008

fuel protest

Staying with the theme of motorcycles and rebellion, the short clip shows what the Bikers of Britain are thinking about the fuel prices.
Last night, several hundred pickets took up position in front of a local oil refinery at Pembroke, that too remains unreported as of this morning.
Mostly truck drivers, but also farmers and regular folk.
There are protests continuing all across Europe, the media are focusing on football and golf.
Tennis too, seems popular as the banks and corporations are experiencing declines in revenue that are setting off a massive recession.
Without doubt, the Western world has enough politicians and "experts", none of whom it seems are going to curb the greed of those who are selling fuel.
The protests and pickets are gathering strength, and something has to give.


an average patriot said...

That is great I just really wish that what we thought made any difference at all but it doesn't. I was wondering how things are going with you and the worsening conditions?

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
Things are not so bad, but with the disruption to the fishing markets, I`ve been working a second job at a local pub in the evenings.
We can make a difference, without violence.
Just by refusing to buy goods from the "corporations".
By supporting local farmers and independent shopkeepers.
It may take time, but then the working classes only have time and labour.

an average patriot said...

what a future these idiots are creating for us! We will survive just stay in touch!