Monday, June 16, 2008

Prison break.

The media have not covered much about the prison break in Afghanistan, where the Taliban stormed the prison in Kandahar, a town under Canadian control.
Control? you must be fucking joking.

32 talibs on motorcycles, and 2 suicide bombers entered the town, and blew the doors off the jail, they even had mini-buses laid on around the town to escort the 1,000 plus prisoners away to their homes and families.

The morale-boosting effect of this attack, will without doubt, elevate the spirits of the Taliban.

Freedom fighters or terrorists? Perhaps some Canadians .)need to think outside the box, and seriously find a new career.

Click here for link to story, unsuprisingly, a few Arab sites seem to be experiencing "technical difficulties", and youtube aren`t showing any videos...yet..

When the Afghans get around to telling stories to their children, this one will be the clincher of all time.
"....Listen carefully children, " says the gaunt old woman, as they gather around the family table. "I will tell you the most beautiful tale of granpapa Sidi Amin."
"Many years ago, your grandfather became the hero of all Afghanistan, when he rode his motorcycle throught the prison gates, on and on through clouds of dust, with flames and smoke all around him....with one arm firing his Kalishnikov, and with the other he scooped up his little brother, who had been held by the contemptible invaders .."
The eyes of those children will shine bright wide, with fervour and love, and yet is it not a sad indication of human stupidity, that these things are actually happening, and that we in the West are paying for it with our taxes.
A stupid and non-fucking-constructive waste of taxes.


an average patriot said...

I was just going to respond to your other post when I saw this. A lot is happening real quick. Britain announce more troops for Afghanistan, karzai says he will go into Pakistan after the insurgents, Tensions rising between Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Taliban just took a few towns, Bush just announced he wants Bin Laden before he leaves. This is just starting. Knowing that I have said many times Bush knows where he is and is waiting until it serves his purpose to get him you have to wonder what the hell is next?

landsker said...

We in Europe and the US are going into recession, and for America, the situation will be more severe than most, due to the incredible amount of imported energies consumed, just to keep "the lights on, and the motor running."
Inflation rates are overtaking the interest rates on savings deposits, and that always leads to social unrest.
With their "leveraged lending", many banks have made loans far in excess of deposits held, and are in danger of collapse.