Saturday, September 13, 2008

Death of fishes.

Upon occasion, as the tide recedes, old or injured fish are left stranded to flap aimlessly around until they find their place in the food chain.
One might ask, if in their minds, they know they are about to die?
They continue flexing their tails, their belly fins flap into the mud or sand, and their mouths grasp at non-existent water.
Their eyes seek out other fish, but meet the eyes of the gulls and shore crabs that sense a meal has been gifted to their table.

One might say that the U.S. is a fish that has been pulled from the water, a huge monster, a specimen that is taking the efforts of billions of fishermen to capture.
Bolivian president, Evo Morales has kicked out the chief american diplomat, as has Chavez in Venezuela...quick to voice support have been Honduras and Ecuador, Argentina too has indicated that it will not tolerate foreign intervention.
The Latin Americans have stepped up to the front line and stood alongside the Iraquis and Iranians, the Afghans and all those who prefer not to support the one world scenario of Washington.

At first, a stranded fish is frantic enough to repel the beaks and claws of predators, but remorselessly as the tide falls, the fish knows the battle to be lost, and even as the final few tremors of life exit it`s frame, the gulls begin to attack the softest parts.
First the eyes and gills, then the underbelly, beginning with the anal orifice, exposing the main course, the soft and easily digested entrails.
A vociferous and lively feeding frenzy takes place, and in a few short moments it`s all over.
Usually the main skeleton and harder flesh is left to the incoming sea, where larger crabs and lobsters, along with prawns, shrimps and all manner of eels and fish, will pick clean the corpse.

The fish called America is the biggest creature of all , a thick-skinned and deep swimming voracious feeder, that consumes everything in sight, seemingly present across all the oceans of this little planet.
Where ever the fish has surfaced, it has fed relentlessly. No quarter given, murderously ferocious and with no other single creature able to end its` tenure of the oceans.
Having consumed so much, and bloated, with an unsustainable diet, the predator has now become prey, being attacked by millions of little fish, each one becoming a sharp-toothed nemesis , tearing off small pieces, as they trammel themselves into concerted shoals, from hunted to hunter.
Surely stranded now, the fish is too unwieldly to regain the tide, it`s huge mouth gasping for non-existent waters, with fins and appendages making futile motions but no longer moving forward, exposed and weak, with gulls and crabs swarming, feeding and calling out to their fellow creatures with bigger and bigger chunks being torn from a twitching frame.

Without exception, somehow or another, all fish expire.


betmo said...

landsker, i don't even know if i dare say this out loud- i am sure i am in a database somewhere anyway- someone has to stand up to the schoolyard bully- and if these smaller countries start- it could build. and that's not a bad thing. someone has to stand up- as naomi klein has pleaded-and take out the neocons and the corporates. for reasons unknown to me- americans won't do it themselves. perhaps we are too used to outsourcing everything.

an average patriot said...

I knew that was coming when you first started talking about the fich. And don't forget Russia will lead their way.
It pissed me off when Russia said ships were on the way to Venezuela for joint military exercises one of our ass holes said they better make sure they have a ship that will go that far, Antagonizing bastards they sicken me and will have this going soon! Good one by the way!

landsker said...

Hi Betmo,
Ah yes, the databases, the lists, I wouldn`t get too worried, one imagines that the neocons and corporates are going to most preoccupied over the coming weeks.
Their objectives have been money and power, and their wealth is evapourating, no-one wants their paper promises any more, the "Monday morning markets". seem to indicate that Wall street is under fire.

How you doing?, thanks for stopping in..., you are right about Russia, no matter what others say, it appears they are now confident enough to face up to anything the U.S. military can throw at them.

In the event of a showdown, the religion-free Russians have a small temporal advantage, they don`t stop for prayers between battles.

landsker said...

By the way, as the markets falter, and capitalism crumbles, the Russians are from today, conducting "exercises" in the pacific.
Obviously, just another move in the great game. This is not just rattling the sabre, this is a sharp blade and it is drawing blood from the face of the foe.

an average patriot said...

This perfect storm of world war and Financial disaster all caused by Bush is coming to a head perfectly for Bush or the right to stay in power and keep this fascist new order disaster moving forward. Take care Bud and stay in touch!