Sunday, August 31, 2008

Rosie came home.

Indeed, with Wales being such a little land, and Tenby being just a few moments from home, I managed to be there, as Rosie hobbled into the town square.
There were hundreds of folk there, and barely a dry eye amongst us.

The picture shows Rosie with her mother, and here`s a link (CLICK) to a video of her "speech" to the crowd.

I have to say, that what she says is somehow extremely poignant, and straight from her heart.

If you have children, whether boy or girl or both , invite them to watch this video, and tell them the tale, of a little girl who ran around the world, with just hope, faith, and charitable intent.

(Here`s -click- how the Times relates the events.)


an average patriot said...

Welcome home Rosie! She is a character, beautiful person, really cool! Loved the video and I will pass that around so thanks. That must have been cool being there! Take care!

landsker said...

Hi Jim,
It was quite a moment... when my daughters were younger, I`d often mention Rosie as an example.
There are never enough role models for young girls, so a woman like Rosie really is a refreshing change.
She is unique, isn`t she!

an average patriot said...

Rosie is a gem and I am glad you have kept us informed of her adventure. I lover her attitude and wish her too all the luck in the world!

Renegade Eye said...

That was really incredible. When the movie?

Really good blog.

landsker said...

Aye aye,
The crowd was mostly made up of women, and the lady mayor with her aides, a notable abscence of the local establishment statesmen and functionaries..
A movie might have to be divided into many parts...Born in Switzerland...
Raised by her nanna in Ireland, who kept her out of school, without a pony, she saddled up a cow...
(Three pages.)


Jay said...

know more about ferries to france...

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